Silver/gold/leapstone isn't issue after +20 real issue is shard

Holy crap 60K shards need to go from +20 to +21 for weapon

No wonder people stop around +21 or +22


This is why everyone has been saying shards will bottle neck you later in the future.

Shard generation per chaos dungeon actually goes to the floor at T3. While you would get 10k shards in T2 1080s you get maybe 2.5k at 1445.

I think legendary map at chaos gate is steal at 4k now Oo;

Main reason going above +21 is bad is that you essentially are playing more for an upgrade that will be essentially 10 times cheaper when the + reset happens with the bralshaza artifact gear. +21 becomes I believe +12 and has all the benefits of the higher honing chance AND it gets a lot larger Ilvl boost then what a +23 or higher weapon gets for free when you upgrade to it.

I had 1400 bound destruction stone so I clicked +20 to +21 and used up all my shards didn’t even looked at how much it required

+20 → +21 (Weapon) uses 60,480 Shards for the One time XP and 1,432 shards per hone.
+20 → +21 (Armor) uses 42,702 Shards for the One time XP and 988 shards per hone.

yeah times that 6 is almost 400K shards

Base Costs for +14 → +15 Weapons for All Tiers

Tier 1:
10,000 Shards for XP + 2,000 Shards per Hone

Tier 2:
17,000 Shards for XP + 3,400 Shards per Hone

Tier 3 (1302 Gear)
1,864 Shards for XP + 88 Shards per Hone

Tier 3 (1340 Gear)
9,696 Shards for XP + 228 Shards per Hone

For the most part, it scales faster beyond +15 hence why it costs so much at T3. Tiers 1 and 2 its more shards to hone while Tier 3 is more shards for the one time XP buy.

It’s also important to keep in mind that we get WAY less shards per chaos dungeon compared to T2 and T1. It feels fine to hone early and start of mid T3 cause it’s so cheap and we were stuck there for weeks so we built up a fair bit of shards. But we exhausted those shards and now it’s a real bottleneck.

Same time though, You had to spend the XP cost MORE often at T1 and T2 since the odds to hone were HIGHER. +21 has a 3% hone chance meaning to PITY you will hone 40 times and the cost is ONLY 988 shards. At average rate, you have to hone ~ 15-20 times. So yes the feed cost is 42k, but then your honing over a dozen to two dozen times at 988 a pop only which IS more then given on chaos runs. T1 and T2 the hone cost was higher since you honed far less times to pity (6 to pity it) and it wasn’t “that” much higher either. T1 and especially in T2 BOTH run into shard shortages as well at the +13 to +15 range due to the costs for NON Stronghold bonus. Remember as well +20->+21 doesn’t have the 20% cost reduction that T1 and T2 now has for your alts.