Simple anti-bot solution

As much as I hate adding to the ever increasing threads about bots, I wanted to give this suggestion some daylight.

Disclaimer: This is not my idea, I’ve seen it buried in several other threads.

Most seem able to agree that one of the biggest problem with bots is they stay logged in 24/7. Sooo, run a script/algorithm that picks up “players” logged in for >=24hrs and kick from server. Also give a 5-7day ban.

Certainly this won’t stop botting altogether, but is at least a step in the right direction.

Frankly I’m disheartened by what appears to be a lack of “trying” by AGS.

Cue the White Knights.


Bot makers will literally just make their bots log out and back in to circumvent that

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Remove the ability to send gold to anybody → No more RMT.
If you want to sell something, use the auction house, not the mail system and it’s over.
Forbid nonsense series of letters at the character creation.
Check hubs (cities) a while, ban the existing bots.
Reread the banned guys for RMT list and perma ban them.


I’m aware of that. That’s why I think it should be coupled with an account suspension. At the very least it should cause some inconvenience.

TBH I’m almost beyond caring about the bots. As I said in OP, I’ve seen this idea, but buried in a megathread. Wanted the idea to see the light of day and be discussed.

Bottom line, AGS have to have the will to fight bots for any idea to be considered, let alone put into practice.

I cant play on Shandi Server 5k players in the wait time… i hope they implement no wait time for Founder - accounts

This will kill the bot problem 100% for the medium term If nothing can be traded… RMT will slow to a halt.

I’m down for that. I’ve never personally bought anything from anyone directly in almost any mmo that had a built in market system. This would affect me infinitely less than the stampede of bots everywhere.

Maybe there are other reason I don’t see that make this a bad idea?

My idea had a few more steps.

Lock existing servers to only people who currently have characters on those servers.
AGS/SG needs to relentlessly start banning bots.
Consolidate servers if necessary (servers appear dead without all the bots)
Repeat the process between the two sets of servers as the unlocked servers become plagued with bots.
All the while be working on long term solutions that are beyond my scope of comprehension.

Make a dedicated US server that requires a linked amazon prime account to play there. Allow a one time transfer to that shard.

bots use the AH to RMT as well. a player lists an item for the agreed amount and the bot buys it. so your solution only eliminates one RMT method. thats still great though. 100% I think they should do this.

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You get around that by putting hard caps on the T1 accessories and adventure time items that gold buyers “sell” on the AH. This forces the bots to have to stack pheons to sell the same amount of gold to rmters. Suddenly that t1 amulet that the gold buyer would sell to a bot for 100k now caps at 200 gold. That’s 500 amulets to get the same amount sold. That’s a lot of pheons. Let alone that it makes the transaction risky and time consuming, further dissuading gold buying. And if doesn’t affect real players as let’s be real no real player is spending 1k+ gold on a T1 anything.

I totally read, and agree with everything, but this made me laugh. I want an adventure time item!

iPhone autocorrect giveth and taketh away

For sure there could have some dumb fuckers who buy gold outside or the legit cash shop, using the AH but a lot of people just put items at the same price so…it could be a good a good laugh, easy gold from some trash items.

imma bout to do that lmao
trick a bot into goving me a ton of gold lmao

can we hire you for AGS? vote you in or… something? RMT a position on their developer board to get you in somehow? Im a pretty cute dancer, ill show a little leg if it gets ANY of this done.

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Well, I would be happy to help the community if they hire, thanks for the reaction.

The simplest anti-bot solution is make the game paid-for. If the bot handlers got to hand over ~£10 for each bot they want in the game there will be a lot less of them; especially when it gets reported as a bot and the account gets banned for breaching terms and conditions and they lose the money.

Or have people register their cell number to create an account.
There is also a way to check for phone number spoofing. That should resolve a lotta of this botting issue

Plus, they could sell our datas, they can do it without any regulation because it’s a videogame, also, I like to have a foreign call trying to steal my identity,

shall I have a look first? acturally the best way is set like 10$ for this game, and returns u like 50$ gifts during the game which cant be trade. the bots is so crazy because of the 0 creat cost. 1 computer can run more than 7 bots at the same time, and 3h can produce a lv50 account to got the gold or to start earn the weekly gold. and more than 10 T3 accounts can be produce by A real player per day with the EXPRESS.
AND ALSO RMT CANT BE BANNED COMPLETELY AT THE ONCE. this will only reduce a huge number of players on American servers, and the fewer players, the easier it is to lose. For example, Japanese servers. The only thing Amazon can do is to make the RMT under control.