Simple question for the Berkserk main, How old are you guys?

37 and have Berserker as main. I like Destroyer too. I’ve tried other classes too but for some reason i don`t like them.

  • WoW in 2005 my first toon was Rogue. During Cata, i changed to Paladin tank. Pandaria Unholy DK and since legion i`m playing Havoc Demon Hunter. Never warrior :slight_smile:
  • Diablo - Barbarian
  • Cabal Online - Force Shielder

just old enough to be boring i’d assume

Mid 30s with boomer reflexes

It’s not like 30s are that old, your reflex won’t decrease much if you train well.
I think it’s just the mindset xD.

Usually a post like that i’d say was from someone in that age group:) Peak age varies by individual based on lifestyle/health etc… My personal peak was 35-38 and same for most of my real life friends, probably due to similar lifestyles, and I am far past that now so am positive that was my peak time

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My zerker friend is 22 yo

My Berserker alt is named CrayonUpNose which about sums up my experience with Berserker mains.

Considering this game is doing okay in the west means there are a ton of P2W middle-aged people willing to spend their money. With that said, if the average age for Koreans is high you can expect our berserker average age to be around 40.

I have a 1452 berserk main im 41 hahah but my Wardancer if 1420 Kind of want my wardancer as my main now.,

Diablo was a paladin, barbarian
WOW was warrior played wow since vanilla
lost ark only seemed logical to play berserker

most guild mates playing berserker are 40+

“Old players in their 30’s”

Excuse you! That is not remotely close to “old”. You’ll see…you will all see one day.

(Early 40’s, Glaivier, still not “old”)