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With the recent changes in some servers on NA east being locked, half of my guild was planning on starting today through the free to play option. I have a few questions that I would like answers to that have not been addressed… @Roxx @Seawolf

  1. Are the current locked servers going to stay what way permanently?

  2. For the people who have used one or both of their power passes, and are willing to leave the server can those be refunded to be used on the new server?

  3. Is there or will there be a transfer functionality added to the game in the near future?

Technically 1. has been answered, they said the locked servers will stay that way for the “foreseeable future” which implies it won’t be forever but gives us literally no indication on the length of time they will be locked for. I did do a post asking for clarification but it’s highly unlikely we will get any

Yeah I read that as well just looking for a little more clarity as I don’t want to reroll and then find out in a week that servers will open back up

Yeah one of my friends playing with me is in a similar situation, a different friend of his wants to play but now can’t join our server. He doesn’t want to leave his friend alone but also doesn’t want to move away from us. Like I said I made a server asking for clarification on the time, just in a broad sense of days, weeks, months etc. but it’s unlikely anyone will reply.

Kinda annoying as if it was just a matter of weeks most people would just wait it out on their server.

All we can do is wait I guess good luck hope you guys get it sorted and and can enjoy the game together

Yeah unfortunately all we can do. Thanks and hope things get sorted for you and your guild too.

This is Deeb from Amazon Games

Only after evaluation the stability and population of the servers will the dev team decide if
The servers will remain locked or not or if there will be any transfer functionality

All in game content is non refundable so it will not be able to be refunded to use on new server.

Your twitch drops will be locked to the character it was claimed on and will not be transferred to another server

However the game allows you to create up to 6 characters that can all be on different servers

I hope this answers all your questions,

Happy gaming

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I guess we have our answer…….