Simple Trick to save your Flares

Enjoy guys :slight_smile:

Cool, thx!

My trick is… I just wait until someone uses a flair. :sunglasses:


My trick is I don’t use any at all :sunglasses:

But honestly. Flares are so cheap that is hardly worth the trouble :stuck_out_tongue:
And for everyone who dont use them at all: If everyone would do that, you would need to search the guardian and you usually end up wasting more time than you would need to just farm a few flares^^

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What flare? Western players are already too poor to use any item at all

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Works as well hahaha

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Man if only people start using the flares ahhaha

Bruh, flares are like dirt cheap hahaha

hmm… saw the video short but i don’t get it. i must be dumb or something? :slightly_frowning_face:

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I just use my flair. No idea why people want save them. Seems really idiotic to me

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Yeah, flares are cheap… All my alts have 100+ each… I just auto flare if #1 in group, if not I patiently wait for someone to use, if no one does use, Ill wait for them to go on a slide or staircase then use it. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s funny then they have to reverse. :smiley:

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Same here, but it’s the video creator that has the dumdum

Literally didn’t elaborate or demonstrate anything lmao

You just zoom in before you use the rope and you will see the icon of the Boss somewhere around you, if you don’t see it, it means it is either behind you or somewhere around that area

I mean i use them as well, ALL THE TIME but only few times i picked them up from the battle chest, always buying them or crafting since there are better things to pickup from the battle chests

Yeah but the game is time consuming and just using the flares makes the run soooo much faster and that is something you save time on

My trick is to throw it instantly so others can save their flares :hugs:

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If only everyone where good as you :heart:

Well if everybody threw it instantly it is 3 wasted each raid :joy:

Sounds better then not throwing a single one hahaha

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Yea true. I mean currently we receive like every weekend some free chests. I just grap some flares and pheromones every time and I am set for the following week. Don’t really know why people have problems throwing the freakin flare I mean come on. At this rate I keep using them in Argos raid for fun :rofl:

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