Since 99% of us aren't going to get esther weapon, can we agree to price fix the mats to 10 mil

If this content is only meant for whales, well lets make them whale.


Im not sure you know how market works…

It is based of supply and demand, you can make it the price you want, it is the buyer choice if they want to pay that or not…

At some point you will want some decent money for the Ă­tem and will start to drop in price until you reach 2 things

Thing 1 you get down to what someone is willing to pay for it or the perceived value.

Thing 2 you get competition and the other seller undercuts you to the point the ítem gets to the perceived value so you are forced to drop your price if you ever want to sell…

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the mats are extremely low drop rate, if people have a general concensous now on a price then we can start high knowing that a useable esther weapon isn’t even acheivable for anyone but a whale. Leaving the rest of us to benifit from something out of this update. why settle for 2mil when you could have 10mil

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Well “rich” is questionable hehe, say you sell for 2 millions, ok you can progress your toons further but thats far from rich and the drop is really rare, not like you gonna be droping a couple a month… More like 1 per year if ever xD

Don’t we have to pay 5% tax and 5% duration price in advance?

Ngl, but I don’t have a mil gold to spare right know to even list it at 10mil.

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Not Even in KR got to that… t is 500kish rn

yea but 10 mil can push your entire roster!

He was complimenting your post and I found it hillarious

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Thats fine with me.

Tho idk what i would even do with gold at that point anyway.

I already have like 450k gold and just waiting for lvl 10 dmg gem i need to show up on auction - then only one lvl 10 dmg gem and i am done with dmg gems.

After that, idk what to do with cash. LOS 30 done.

rip, there should be something inbetween gems and esthers.
Oh wait … elixirs. Ugh :smiley:


And I have 11 x lvl 10 gems (5 damage) bought avg 600 and cd avg 300 just farming gold for 3 months…

Thats why i say 2m is not thay big

I know this imight not work and who cares But i’m up for this

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korea its been out for a long time, they also have end game content which they make a lot more gold. not a good comparison, korean market doesn’t impact us. We are individualist not collectivst on this side of the world, only do whats going to benifit your bottom line, its the AGS way! Leading by example.

its actually 500k, you’ll get that much eventually if the drops are as rare as they say.

Also we get a lot of other stuff to take our atention. Unlike Koreans that stick to something for many years.

I have been procrastinating a lot of LOA this year with the releases of Hogwards, Dead space Remake and Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Only loging in to do bare minimun of dailies.

10 mil listing has a deposit of 500k. Realistically the price of an esther essence is locked to the deposit cost more than the gold people are willing to spend

lot of people have enough for deposit, have to reinvest gold into market and flip stuff. craft battle items, pots, fish, pearls etc. might take a couple of weeks for flips but prices do swing alot.

all your gear 100 quality? all accessorys 100 quality? and u want more things to swipe on? wow

Just weapon 100 quality.

i am F2P - 0 cash in, EZ.

And nah i cant be bothered about acessorries. Hell, even my main has one legendary acessory :smiley: