Since Beta everytime the same thing, why is everybody upset instead of quitting the game?

Hey guys,
Since Beta we already know AGS can’t handle with dates and releases, so why U get everytime mad and complain about everything instead of just quitting the game?

Would you do that in RL … work somewhere U get mad and angry all the time?

For real it isn’t healthy and I would look for a game and a community who makes fun instead of being mad all the time.

Yea I know “but the game makes fun” …

It don’t makes fun …for the most people … people don’t want to make:

  • daylies
  • guardians
  • cube … hell people hate cubes
  • Ohrea dungeons
  • honing
  • PvP
  • gathering and stuff
  • event islands
  • Worldboss
  • Chaos Gate

And more
The only fun I see for the most people are the Raids … but they U can do only once a week.

So people start to get mad all the time cause everything is bad.

When U don’t want to play a game fully why U still stay in here?

What is the reason to play something where just 1 of 100 things is good?

Just stop complaining and quit the game … or just play and love it …


You’re right. You should quit. Can I have your stuff?

that goes to the people who always cry about everything

OP has a point.

They know our claims, we’ve made them more than clear during the last weeks I do believe. Now it’s turning into a cringe fest. If you need more raids, then comeback when the raid will be released. (Make sure to leave your main at the GS entry lvl of that said content so you’re not locked out)

Most grinders are on the edge of the burn out. It’s not a bad thing to recognized it and step aside for a day or two and enjoy something else.

This does not apply to casuals. I don’t think they are the one complaining soo much about daily content anyway. Most likely they we’re the one bombarding the forum 2 weeks ago when all NA servers had queues issues.

All in all, just take a break if u really need to. The game will be there when you comeback :blush:

because every whiners and complainers in the forum is a loser both in real life and in game

they need this game to help them not feel like a loser

and every time they feel like 1 they can just complain and eventually the game will give them a compensation and freebies


I would bet most of the complainers are the whales that are upset the non whales have another week to catch up to them, invalidating all the money they spent to “get ahead.”

There are real concerns like rmt and botting. Let’s not confuse those with petty concerns like complaining about waiting another week to gatekeep people to justify dumping thousands of dollars into this game.

i dont think a whale is someone who care much about normal player.

Because the game is fun … Delivery is shit