Since Kakul is coming

Hoy guys !

Since the clown is coming i was wondering, is anybody know exactly what he will give us ?
What kind of stuff ? New relic ? Cause Brel is for ancient, so what about him ?

Mats to upgrade your relic set to level 2.

We have only Lv. 1 at moment.


Oh ok i see.
Nice, thanks !

^ That. There is no new “tier” or gear type with Kuku. All it really is is the upgrade mats to upgrade the relic sets up to level 2. Feel free to google the upgrade set bonuses but most are pretty minor increases to the set’s power.

The next gear “JUMP” happens at Bralshaza when the Artifact Tier of gear is released. Artifact Acc has a max of 6/3 engraving stats. The Ilvl is also boosted (Base gear is 1390 with +10 ilvl per + added up to a point before it becomes +5 ilvl). Quality of relic will carry over to artifact sets.

Is that so ? I thought it wouldn’t but it’s also nice.
And yeah i’m gonna check the lvl 2 upgrades by curiosity.