Since no OCE servers, can we please use VPN?


Since LA is not entertaining the idea of OCE servers, can we please be allowed to use a VPN to better the latency to your servers?
I am in New Zealand with a 1000/1000 connection, but a 200-280ms latency to your servers.
Many of my NZ/Australian guildies and friends have the same issues.


@Roxx ?

I am from Auckland and get 157 ping, time to get better ethernet fiber connection.

If you look at the transatlantic fibre map, you are at the backbone of NZ for overseas internet.
The rest of NZ does not have that luxury.

Before the massive DCing and EAC issues I would get 170ms (and still sometimes do). But mostly its 200+
There is no better fibre connection in NZ available.

Sound like you playing with Wi-Fi? because when i use to play on Wi-Fi I get 200 ping and after switched to wired and never dropped from 157ping.

You are basically using the argument of “I’m not affected so it’s not a problem”. Not everyone have the luxury of having access to good connections or being able to use a wired connection. And even then, 157 ping isn’t really anything that great if you compared to local players or those are geologically a lot closer to game servers.

High ping issue has been a consistent complaint, not just from OCE/SEA players. I don’t expect them to build their infrastructure to cater to every region but at least give people the option to have a decent playing experience.

I work in IT, would never use WiFi for gaming (even 6e)
I have fibre to the door and Cat6 cable throughout the house. My ping is still 200+

I don’t know then but no point here asking to bring back VPN as we all know they will never do that, no one cares other than few SEA players and AGS don’t care about us.

exit lag is working fine, they made an exception for it if i remember right

had two people dooing a Valtan BUS today… they where talking chinese…
so i guess VPN dose work

VPNs don’t magically improve your ping. Can use them to kinda force routes, but in NZ you’re sitting on an undersea cable to San Jose that all traffic is going to take, so there shouldn’t be much you can really affect.

Exitlag is technically whitelisted but AGS have progressively been blocking certain routes. Currently all routes useful for OCE/SEA players are blocked, so effectively Exitlag is unusable.

“getting rid of the :robot:” ?

Exitlag route blocks have mostly coincided with major bot ban waves, it’s possible that it’s because of that. If that’s really the case, then it’s a pretty stupid “solution”. I can’t imagine bot farmers would want to use a paid subscription service, especially when it’s not really a VPN to begin with. So in the end, real players get to suffer in the name of fighting the bots…again.

its just they decided to ban every vpn cause its the laziest way to block vpns than make exceptions and stuff

The VPN ban was ninja reversed, it’s just not officially announced because technically it’s still against their ToS. But Exitlag was specifically confirmed to have been whitelisted for LoA and it was working perfectly fine for a while. Then after every major bot ban wave, routes started getting blocked until now only the EU (and maybe SA?) routes are usable at all. If OCE/SEA players tried these routes, it actually increase their ping instead of lowering it lol.

NZ doesn’t favor gamers.

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