Since Patch Guild chat not working

Hey, on Zinnervale I can no longer use the Guild chat but I am the Guildleader.
Anyone experiencing the same issiue and maybe on other servers?

Area Chat works smoothly for now.

Currently I am on Mokoko Farm region.

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yep, my dedicated “Guild Chat” window doesn’t work aswell.

Guild Chat messages in the “Normal” Chat window work.

Server Sceptrum

Found the problem out:

Go into the Tabs Settings and check every language. It seems to refere to where the player is from origin. Since I check them the Guild Chat is working.

Wonder, why this wasn’t mentioned but maybe @Roxx has some detailed information about this.

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Still an issue for me. I can’t apply any edits to the language filters on any custom tabs. Seems guild chat is still bugged no matter what the settings are for anything but the default tabs.

Will require a fix.

For me the Chat language filtering fixed the problem, since my Guild is german.

You can apply the language workaround only for 1 tab.
As soon as you want to display Guild discussion both in Group tab and Guild tab, one of them will not work sadly.

ps: same issue here

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Solution: Delete the specific Tab, for example your Guild Chat. Then create a new tab and chose your settings - apply - ok.
If you need to, you can of course rename your tab to whatever you want. Worked for me and my friends.

Delete the old tab and make it over. Worked for me

Even that doesn’t work properly for me. Some guild messages disappear over a longer period of time.