Since Vykas was delayed

How bout ya’ll slide the 1460 Stronghold research into the patch with the extra time you have…


they wont because all the players who are not 1460 right now will cry on the forum how unfair it is and that they want the normal honing buff

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she was not delayed lol, never ever have they announced her for this week, how can it be delayed if they never even put out a release date in the first place…


Don’t argue with stupid.

So its better to troll every 1460+ player by not releasing it cause some players just decide to sell their materials and take the game easy going instead of honing your main to a suitable level? Got it!

NO, they want ur money so keep failing with ur alts

i dont rly care, just told how amazon is probably thinking about it

The current 7 day login bonus and extended chicken wing event.
Was not planned.
Their plan for Vykas was delayed and so was the intended monthly login bonus.

They are not going to go out and say it but it should be clear what was intended.

It’s pretty simple pattern recognition.

The login event gives you a pretty good idea of what their original intentions were. If the login rewards are meant to be separate from the patches, why do they keep giving us 1 weekers rather than new ones for a month?

You can also infer from Roxx’s posts on the matter that their original target was this week, they just didn’t meet it in time.

I actually don’t care when Vykas comes. I just want the stronghold research.

yea it totally wasnt delayed it was completely planned to extend the login rewards and let people claim the old login rewards in parallel and also extend the chicken event and all the items from it

it was also just a coincidence that ark pass sales, login, event, skins in the shop etc were going to time out on that exact date either

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