Skill point check

Am I the only one who can’t be bothered to do the collectibles? Even the ones that offer good and useful rewards like skill point potions? I only have like 328 points on a level 55 character lol. Where are you guys at with collectibles and skill points?

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checkout maxroll gg guide for skills point.
you defently missing from a lot sources ! :smiley:

Oh I know I am, I just can’t be bothered to do the things needed lol. Island souls and giant hearts can be a huge investment. I just struggle to find the time to do them with doing all the dailies on my alts as well.

Check codex ingame. I think its alt + D. Type in skill point and start chasin.


I dont remeber on my main with lvls but i think 312 on a freash lvl 50, ive been slacking a bit due to leveling alts… skill points are so much power that you kind of have to do them tho…

Yeah grinding alts takes up so much of my time. I don’t feel i have the time to get my collectible stuff going, but eventually i’m gonna have to set some time aside and do it I guess

Every skill point pot collectible in the game except for Ignea tokens.

Damn! How many hours if you don’t mind? I’m sitting around 660ish

I am missing the last ignea skill point pot, you don’t have to try really hard to get to this point, but the omnium and ignea might be the hardest.

Tell me, still can’t drop the Moake one ffs. Beating this thing from 1355, I can’t even remember how long ago it was. Currently at 388 points and I need this 6, well I will get to lvl 58 soon so maybe it’s whatever.

If it’s for something like skill points the grind is kinda fun:)

Btw do they go over 414 in korea?

only missing 1 omnium star pot and ignea pot…
omnium is just pure rng now (moake or new dungeon) and ignea is just a time thing due to reps…

rest was fairly simple to accomplish to be honest

1294 hours in steam, misleading though, there is a lot of times I’ve left the game on all night while DC’d or at work and such and the timer continues to run even while technically disconnected.

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There are several really easy ones that dont take any effort or time, start with those and you will get a huge power boost


i had all at lvl 53 besides the 8 ignea :stuck_out_tongue: (only skillpotions) everything else is done pretty slowly

Missing only 8th Ignea Tokens and 6th Omnium Star.
Then also 4 more levels so overall just a matter of time.

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Missing only the skill potion with the 8th Ignea. I’ve have zero but i can finish 10 with rapport… Long road here…

What item level are you?

Just curious

yeah man, rapport is such a big investment and I don’t even have all the virtues and songs/emotes. Gonna take forever. i also just straight up forget to do it several days lol

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Well I’ve switched mains… twice lol. So I currently have 1395, 1385, 1374, 1340, 2 1325 and 1 1302. 1 other character in T2 and 2 in T1 that i’ve ignored for quite some time as I’m finding it difficult to keep up playing my T3 characters