Skill runes remain locked despite quest completed

I accepted the [Guide] Road to Skill Runes quest on my first character.

After that I boosted my second character and finished the Intro adventure. I then went back and deleted all my guide quests on my first character (as I wanted to make the second character my main and pick up the quests on her).

This somehow completed my [Guide] Road to Skill Runes quest but my runes remain locked and I can’t pick up the quest. (It’s under completed in my quest journal).


I have th same problem… I don’t remember deleting the quest tho.

I have same problem. We need sollution to this and fast

Have you added the runes to your library. I had the same thing, and my buddy asked if I right clicked on the items in my inventory to add them to the library. Try that, it fixed the issue for me.

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You’re da besto! thank you!

I now feel dumb xd