Skill Tooltip Fix - Suggestion

Skill tooltips dont show the correct damage numbers because there are types of tripods that work under certain conditions. What you can do is to add a Hover Tooltip on each tripod to reflect correct damage numbers for that specific Tripod with the condition applied.
For example, If skill A has 100.000 damage it will still show that damage with a tripod that says “Outgoing damage +%80 to Push Immune Units” so when we hover on that Tripod, it should show us 180.000 damage.

Second Method and I think is better
When we press a button while hovering on a skill like SHIFT(I dont know just a button) the tooltip should change to reflect the all Tripods Applied damage calcuation by considering all condtions are met.

I like the suggestions you made, that would really make it easier to understand the output.