Skill transfer fails destroy gears and tri-pod

Why ?

Anything above level 2 skill tree (Tri-pod) transfer has a 30% chance to succeed. Upon failure your RNG loot piece that you grinded magically gets destroyed, along with the level 2+ skill tree tri-pod.

Yes, the tri-pod skill set library has a transfer success rate of 100%. But that is LIMITED to glove -glove , shoulder - shoulder, pants -pants etc… you cannot mix match.
Say if you had a lucky RNG drop on a +2 skill tripod on a shoulder but you need to apply it to your glove , it is 30% success chance. If you fail, gear is destroyed and tripod skill is gone.

There is already a terrible amount of RNG we have to deal with just to get the gears with right tri-pod skill to drop, then we have to deal with this skill transfer BS and high risk of destroying the gear.

There is a dust of something you can apply to the transfer making it 60% . And no you cannot make it 100%. But with the success percentage in LA, anything less than 100% is practically 1%.

Combine this with the terrible honing rate LOL…
This game has some awesome design that will certainly attract a lot of people / sarcastic off.


So anything that is not 100% is a bad design?


I agree with almost every complain but i think this is too much. Cheers


Tripods are some of the most powerful things you can get in the game. Especially level 3/4. Make the dust things daily in your stronghold. It helps a lot. This is a longterm thing, you aren’t meant to have level 3-4 tripods on every piece in all slots after a few weeks.


A good game design In my opinion is to make you work for a goal , and in the end feel rewarded with the work you put in.

Not make you work for a goal, actually in LA, you don’t work for anything you just P2W. that is beside the point. Jokes aside, you casino your piece of gear, and finally hit the jack pot, and found out you need to casino more in order to achieve the said goal with the additional chance of losing everything.


i mean if it was 100% you’d get everything you needed fairly quickly and then there’d be no reason to farm for more.

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of course there will… You forgot the RNG it even takes for the set piece to drop with the correct tri-pod that you need ?


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This won’t happen. LA RNG makes sure of it…

you can also just buy the tripod armor off the AH though, there’s no rng in obtaining them in the first place, the rng from success is whats exciting when you succeed, not getting the actual piece with the tripod on it.

You can buy/trade tripods lol. Sell what you don’t need and buy what you need. You really only need lvl2 tripods for now(3 is max currently) and you get those fairly quickly without buying.

Youre just a cry baby. Literally all you post is crying about RNG.
All my tripods are at least level 2 by now. Getting all lvl 3 tripods takes alot of time to achieve.

good suggestion ! with the current honing rate and gold issues, lets tell your average joe to go on AH and use gold to buy more gears. Better yet why didn’t you suggest swiping ? lol

You literally just want everything handed to you, its so cringe.


I literally don’t care what people like you think anymore. You can defend the game as much as you want however you like. I don’t care at all. In fact, I am just voicing my opinion. Some will share my opinion some won’t. Doesn’t matter in the end it is my opinion

im not telling you to do anything, im telling you why the rates for success arent 100% and what the options are for obtaining said gear for more chances at success. you can do whatever youd like, its your playtime

You just dont like the game and that’s fine, go play something else already.

I already stopped playing LA lol. If i am playing the game I won’t be on here talking to you now would I ?

who cares, you get millions of tripods you honestly think blowing up a broken piece of gear you cant equip anyway matters? if you play this game for like 4 months you should be getting like thousands of tripod gears to destroy its not even a big deal.

Dude is literally scrapping the bottom of the barrel with the tripod complain…Yikes most complaints I agree with on the forums but this. This is Karen.