Skill transfer fails destroy gears and tri-pod

I think people are misunderstanding what grinding is in mmo’s. You may not like it, and that’s fine, but the game isn’t designed around instant gratification. Needing everything right now for free for no effort is not what this genre is about…

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I swear I wasn’t looking for instant gratification. Whales, are looking for instant gratification. We are normal F2P players that don’t mind grinding and work for bosses and actually do combat, but a big chunk of it boils down to playing honing casino. Again, I know you won’t agree with me on this but. that is alright.

I don’t agree that I am looking for instant gratification or I can just whale if i want that


Yes. I will do just that. Thank you.

clearly you haven’t yet cuz you still care enough to come whine on the official lost ark forums. i urge you to spend your time doing something else, that’s probably gonna be better for your overall well being

Welcome to the game of Lotto…
You gamble, you will most likely lose.

I stopped playing…lol… I don’t know how you want me to prove that I quit already.
This is likely my last post on the forum , unless I feel the need to browse for other people post ?

It is pretty sad isn’t it? this game had fun times and had a formula to success. Just unfortunate it turned out this way, Sorry , I mean it had always been this way but somehow AGS made me think otherwise lol

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good for you my friend. good for you

WoW legendaries, titan forging, corruptions, Azerite traits + random gear drops, etc. Even the vault was hella RNG, I remember getting the same piece of gear that I already had multiple times until I quit that garbage game not because of the RNG but because the game itself sucked.

At least lost Ark has fun gameplay

Yes LA has fun game play. I agree. hands down. But, at least in WoW, you got something didn’t you? might not be what you needed but it was some choices of LOOT that is awarded to you. And you lose nothing by picking it or receiving it.

In LA, you fail honing, you lost mats, you lost gold, you lost silver, you go back to grind. You fail, you lost mats, you lost silver, you lost gold. AGS goes, naw, just whip our that wallet and swipe. problem solved.

I just treat it like I’m doing a weekly raid by saving all my mats throughout the week then doing a big honing session on 1 day. It’s been a pretty chill experience vs honing 1-3 times a day and most likely failing all of them

Yea, you can do that ! provided you still have the funding for it. LOL that is a whole other can of worms that people are discussing on the forum recently. Valid concern by the way.

Cost of honing…
inb4 white knights comes here and tell me to quit cryin and asking for hand out…

Do you see WoW charge you for gold when you get a piece of loot to drop and receive said upgrade ? lol

Because its a timegate on weekly materials, but realizing that daily materials is multiplicative including gold and silver. They give you 1000s of weekly event mats as a boost and still.

This guy has the right mentality. If you’re only playing 1 character. This is the approach to have, rather than desperately rolling the dice every day.

Dust daily? Do I have to do something to unlock it?

the argument here is, AGS increased the weekly obtainable mats by injecting a whole bunch into the market which one can obtain. Provided you do the events regularly.

But, they did not buff currency drop rate, or reduce currency cost on honing. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see there is a imbalance happening right ? And the fact of making gold is a lot harder nowadays.

And… I am off topic, my post is about skill transfer fails geeze…lol

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Our cost per hone was already reduced compared to KR, our economy is stabilizing and we lack the additional weekly content for gold making.

As for the low % on skill tree transfer lvl 3s and 4 being incredibly low is why you stockpile all +2s and use the sage to move them after using inventory transfer to get the free +3 on your gear.

Yea, I was only discussing +2 not even talking about +3 and above lol.
I don’t got that many sage , and even with sage it is only 60%. LA 60% is likely 6% success.
Yes, that is what my post is about anyways.

I know people gonna tell me to L2P and farm sages quit cryin…but no, I already quit so not gonna happen

Ok so you already quit but youre here crying on the forums still. Classic.

Sage can be crafted In the stronghold, bought from pvp / guild vendors etc. Tripods are a late late endgame min maxer. Most of your power in t3 comes from engravings and gems. Strat is to have 3 lvl 3 engravings and +7 gems for Valtan. Tripod setup is nuance until using relic gear.