Skill transfer fails destroy gears and tri-pod

I already quit, just here giving my last bit of insight. yes

Nobody cares

but you are in my post replying to me post…

True, But i am a min/maxer… so this is literally driving me nuts and pushing me away from the game =)

Tripods are meant to be a sink like card decks. Each tripod level is like a 2% bonus. Compared to 20+ % from gems

Yeah I didnt think anybody could be so ignorant to complain about something like upgrading tripods which have a massive impact on your character power. But you know, here we are, found someone that thinks it should be 100% to max all your tripods. Good riddance

Cut the crap, you ran a 5 minute choas dungeon or raid.

If u bought it you’re just not very intelligent because it’s way too early for that

If you are a min maxer then why start at the bottom of the barrel? Argos is super easy and like a heroic dungeon compared to raids in other MMO’s. Actual end game min maxing will not matter until Valtan.

wow, ignorant one is you… You do realize you need to even have that piece of gear to drop with the correct tripod skill tree to begin with right ? RNG much ? on top of that you RNG success transfer rate and you fail you gear is destroyed LOL?

Omg there is RNG in the game! Thanks for pointing it out sherlock

yo, no need to get toxic … but sure if you want i guess ?

This dude has been malding on the forum for a month almost. He has made like 20 mald topics complaining about litteraly every aspect in the game. It’s insane i’m surprised he has any energy left


Also, the busted pieces of gear are literally just tripods and the market for them will be established once people get to 1370 for dirt cheap on the market eliminating your rng drop chance to 5-10g for +2 engravings. Free transfer your +3s and cheap transfer the remainings. Your complaint is literally 2 months too early.

Okay… this is some high level whining.

  1. The AH exists. In fact, in case you didn’t know, you could actually sell good tripods on the AH for extra gold. In fact, this is probably the only thing that will hold value for a long ass time, because every other item in the game will trend downwards to 1g.
  2. Level 4 (+3) skills are supposed to be a slog. The entire point of the game is to be able to clear content, not push to BiS to flex. That is why there is no real parsing culture in LA. Design working as intended… lmao.
  3. Level 3 isn’t even that bad. I am more than halfway through without spending a single sage stone (because tbh the problem isn’t even at level 3, it is at level 4).

The truth is, it is a system you cannot and aren’t supposed to rush. You are just upset you can’t rush it, and are whining on the forums about it.

I only made 3 post since release ? but I officially quit now so

His post is deadass like saying “omg my 3 lvl2 gems with good skills dissapear when I turn them into a lvl3 gem and it doesnt have a good skill”

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naw, go search for my post. lots of people chip in on my post . Because it is controversial enough which mean it is a problem that people care about.

Ah yes 3

So why waste your breath!? You’re looking for copium because you desperately want to play an MMO with game validation?

“My posts are controversial so thats good it means people care” No. People are literally just calling you out for being ignorant. You’re literally the first person I’ve seen complain about the tripod system. Just leave already