Skill transfer fails destroy gears and tri-pod

k bye…

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No you just make it in stronghold. You one of the materials from the vendor.

Want to hear something horribly stupid that might make you laugh. I beat p3 argos, rorolled for a quality 90 weapon…went and saved the tripods on it… i was so excited. Then i realized it had one tripod that if i could fuze with my current weapon would make it pretty amazing.

Guess what i did. …i pulled the tripod off my newly crafted weapon (at least is succeded and was lvl 3). As soon as i hit the button my heart sank. I knew what i had done. I just destroyed my argos weapon that i rerolled 5 times. So 1 week, about 2 hours of playtime on the raid and 2500 gold in rerolls just thanos snapped because im a moron :joy:

I have yet to have a lvl2 skill transfer succeed, even when buffing to the 60% rate. Must have tried dozens of times now. I really don’t believe that the buffed transfer success rate really is 60%… it’s more like 6%, or possibly 0.6% after reading the other posts here!

DI has the most predatory p2w aspects in a game. Despite its absurdity it made 23m in 2 weeks of release. DI has showed all developers how thirsty the NA players are for p2w features.

LA is free to play. If you think honing was bad, wait till you see what comes down the pipeline. I can already see how esther weapons will be handled for the NA community. Would not even be surprised if the evolution energy ned to upgrade the weapons will be sold in loot boxes. Because you know “you dont have to get the weapon” logic runs pretty deep in here.

the tripod system will be rework soon in korea , wait and see