Skill Transfer showing odd result preview

Yesterday or the day before I did a blue->blue skill transfer, when there was only one skill on either side.

Today, I did moon 1 for the first time and got a bunch of pretty nice purple gear. I immediately transferred the stat increases from blue to the purple replacements. No hitch. I did moon 1 again and found some skills that I would like to transfer, so I went to do so. I was trying to transfer to my +8 purple t3 helm the skill Godsent Law (Shield) +1 from the trash purple helm I received from my second chaos dungeon of the day.

The first thing I noticed was the helm in preview wasn’t +8. So I cursored over it to see the results…and this happened. Needless to say I didn’t go through with the transfer, I’m not sure if just the preview is messed up or if its the entire thing?

Not sure if anyone else has seen this?

I also tried transferring from one sword to another, while it didn’t come up as an entirely different piece of equipment like the helms did, it also did not have +8 in the preview. I’m pretty sure I set it up right.