Skills above Level 12 BUG

Disclaimer: This is not an edited screenshot. I am not intentionally bug-abusing and have an integrated auto-clicker in my mouse which I don’t use for any ingame advantage.

As you can see, I was able to increase nearly all of my Sorceress skills up to Level 20.
Even in the abilitys description it says that the damage is increasing. It was a little weird to test, but I can confirm that it is literally increasing against real enemies or dps dolls in Trixion.

I discovered this bug randomly because I was leveling up my skills with an auto-clicker.
The skills normally are restricted to level 12, but my theory is that the clicker is so fast that it levels up the skill faster than it locks.

Just auto-clicking ingame gets the skill to around level 13-14, but you can easily boost the skill if you create lags like tabbing out of the game.


@Roxx how can this go unnoticed?!

I have a similar device and could not replicate this

I have used an integrated auto-clicker in my mouse, which was already installed on purchase.
It should be around ~10 cps.

If your trying to create a lag you can get to level 20 pretty accurate.

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This is a pretty big oooooof.


Imagine some getting Level 60 using this bug in any raid o.O

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@Roxx This is gamebreaking and needs to be addressed,

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maybe fps has something to do with it?

@Roxx This is still a HUGE ISSUE and hasn’t even been recognized.

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