Skills that were changed due to balance patch are now gone from pre patch amulets

The old skills on amulets should be replaced with new ones after balance patch.

Amulets should be in your Universal Storage menu

they are, but i am talking about old amulets.

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I understand that your pre patch skills are now gone. I do have a probing questions. With this, do you meran that your skills that were evolved with the pre patch amulets have been reset? OR are you talking about the amulet item itself?

Please do let me know so I can offer the correct assistance to you!

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I am only talking about amulets.

Shouldnt skills on those amulets be changed to new skills and not just disappear ?
This made them completely lose all value.

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I understand. In this case, the compensation for those skills that disappeared were the ones sent to your Universal Storage. If you had any of the deleted skills leveled, you receive these new ones as compensation in the Universal storage. I hope this information helps.

No, that is not the case.

I am talking about the Amulets you Drop and which you can then use for an attempt to transfer the tripod levels.

Just like in that picture i posted, there is only one tripod skill - but there should be other two. But they aren´t there. There is no compensation for those.

Me and everyone else assumed that it would be same like lets say with gems - for example Strike Wave skill was changed to Overdrive skill.
So if you had Strike Wave gem, it would turn into Overdrive Gem.

Same should logically apply to the amulets and tripods, but it didnt - and that is what i am asking about.


Hello again!

I understand. In this case, while I don’t have an exact answer to your question, I have gone ahead and escalated this, so that the team can give us further information on this situation. I appreciate your patience while I get updates from them!

Thank you for understanding!


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After doing some research, I’d like to recommend that you go ahead and Contact Us so that one of our colleagues can help you raise a web ticket catered to your specific situation with these amulets. They’ll be able to further escalate this and gather more information regarding this situation.

Thank you very much for your patience!


Well, this happened to everyone - the skills that were removed were removed from amulets, but new skills didnt replace them.

Thats pretty much it.