Skin badly made

It’s amazing how until today this issue of skins not matching and cutting with certain types of hair has not been resolved. preventing us from creating or using different parts of skins!

How are you supposed to solve this issue? unless you change the hair to a short hair everytime you equip certain armors there is no way to “fix it” (or you could re rig the hair for every armor and activate it once you equip it which is 2 much work and it will look weird)

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I think probably that’s something that was meant to be solved with the hat that comes with the skin. If you don’t like the hat tho then too bad I guess :melting_face:

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Yeah it is impossible to fix and keep the current hairstyle, if they rig it to fit that armor it will look weird on other armors

Unshackled Celin back for more haha

Hell yeah, A CM banned me cuz i was rude to him, so now im on a crusade against all the CMS!! kekw

for certain classes the back is just fucked up

dont buy skins with capes or some fancy shit going on in back
ASSassins are known to have worse skins ingame and devs dont give a fuck.
They were hiring a new art team, but it also doesnt help that at one point
KR community made an effort to troll ASSassin FanArt contests and pick worst skins to win

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Thats why they have the Ariana Grande super long pony tail hair style it works perfectly with all armor sets.

This clipping issue is very much an issue with unreal engine games and this will NOT be fixed

The only game I have seen where clipping isn’t an issue is league of legends

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