Skin chest opened on wrong character :(((

Hey <333

I accidentally opened the event skin chest on my paladin when it was meant to be for my reaper :') i can still claim the character skin but not the weapon skin on her, is there any way to change the weapon skin chest to reaper exclusive? Both selection chests are chillin in my roster storage, I haven’t opened either in case that makes it impossible :}
Oh and here’s my acc info:
Main: Dyllllpyckle (Summoner)
Server: NAW (Akkan)
Reaper name: Maggielindemann
Paladin name: Berserkersohot
Thanks, love you all! <3

Hi @dyllpyckle

Hope you are doing well!

Regarding to your question, please reach out our support team to help you verifying if is possible to help you with this.

Here is the link:

Contact us

Please add the information to had added here so they can make the ticket to the Devs.

Hope this information help you! :wolf: