Skin crafting festure still missing

Where is the skin crafting feature, that every other region have? Me and my friends are baffled about this @Roxx

you talking about the golden material you get from dismantling skins?

Not that i think, there is supposed to be a feature in stronghold that lets you craft some skins which is different from yoz’s jar

we dont have it because we also need those mats from dismantling skins which comes along with legendary skin so the legendary skin is the key issue. No legendary skin = no skin crafting also

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yep , its part of Yoz Jar

if you like crafting not good looking skins , which 99% of all Korean are dismantle every day … i think you over estimate that

its not like other games where you can craft for others great looking skins… there are some standart skins everyone can craft … thats it

its not a good feature

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I didn’t want this feature until I saw artist’s chosen outfit… :sob: :sob: :sob:

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The problem is this can be a very simple fix. All they would need to do is make skins drop from chaos higher and be able to dismantle them. Then you can increase the skin limit in the cookie shop for the pets and let us dismantle them. @Roxx Why not bring these idea up and bring the legendary skins there already bad free skins in the game just increase drop and limit amount this way any f2p can get the legendary skin with time.

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Nice one👍🏻

Yaah maybe but the purple assassin skins look very good tho and they are all in yoz’s jar and skin crafting thing