Skin Design of Gunslinger

If we do a comparison between the skins since release, it seems like Gunslinger is the only one, who doesn’t get love.

For better understanding, let’s take the Adventurer’s Skin as an example. In any other female class you can clearly see the emphasis of feminism by design. They are wearing high heels, the choice shapes and even colors, also importantly the accessories.

This is maybe matter of taste and if someone like them, there is nothing wrong with it. Now if we look once again to Gunslinger, there is no shiny accessories, chains or something else like that, no high heels, materials are pale, shapes doesn’t emphasis her female curves. The details of another classes let’s say Deathblade? is insane, amazing, you can’t say the same for Gunslinger.

These differences are very noticeable since release and honestly I feel betrayed. Reason for playing this class was at least for me cool fight style, also her clothes which has shown. According to this it was one of her selling points, which never arrived, at least not for me.

Gunslinger mains waiting patiently for some love AGS/Smilegate - lovely regards to everyone here

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What on earth are you talking about? I’m excited that we have a unique skin. Sick of everything being a western cowboy outfit. All the “gunslinger themed” outfits are just western cowboy looks rehashed over and over. Kind of like Mage just constantly gets fairy frilly outfits and nothing else. By far imo GS came out the furthest ahead in this anniversary update and in the 4th anniversary she also got into the top 3 best skins as well.

Also you are aware that the skins we have right now for our anniversary were community designed and voted for in KR right? None of these skins were designed by SG or AGS in any manner, they just implemented them into the game.

There’s way too many skins already that just slap every female character into high heels and just display everything. I get it, sex sells. But if we’re talking skins the unique look of GS’s combat outfits is definitely one of the better skins if you’re looking for something that gets away from the “sexy” outfits.

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Western? Sry, but where is this western?

This is what I would call western style and look you see less skin here, all her body is covered - still sex sells??

I think you just missed my point and if we take a look to this picture, things I like I would say the jacket for beautiful design and her hat. Looks really good, doesn’t it? Never said the character should be naked, just the choice of material, shapes, colors and so on is what I am missing.

The first picture looks like something cheap, something done in 5 minutes, this one here looks more done with dedication.

Huh??? I specifically stated that we got something unique and NOT western for the anniversary as that’s literally all GS’s skins are. You mentioned the Adventurer chest skins are lacking which are the anniversary skins. I disagreed. You then further proved my point by displaying yet another GS skin that is simply a Cowboy outfit. You also picked the less detailed of the 2 outfit types. The other one is very much a commando-esque look to it. Yea it’s not full body armor on the top but hey, its community voted and designed. And you know as well as I do that KR users aren’t gonna have a female character running around in full cover if they have the voting power.

The skin you showed in your second post isn’t bad. It’s just the same cowboy look that all her other skins have. And I would say is pretty plain overall. It’s a single solid color with a minor exception being the inside of a cape(?) that you’d never see. There’s little to no detail on it, especially the black version. And she’s effectively just in skin tight leather pants of some sort. Sure there’s no skin and there’s nothing wrong with that. But its still just a cowboy “gunslinger” look. We’ve got 2 or 3 of those permanently in the shop already. Why do I need a 4th or 5th one?