Skin disappeared from inventory

Servidor: Kazeros
Character Name: Ashtouch
Class: Destroyer

Can someone from support check what happened to my “Restful Melody Battle Hammer” skin I joined today. And the skin was not in the character slot or in the inventory. Skin Ark Pass

Hey there @Aquilo

As part of the most recent weekly update, Ark Pass weapon selection chests that were previously claimed and were set as character bound have been updated to be Roster bound. For some players this means the weapon skin was reverted back to the Respite and Glory Weapon Selection Chest.

I can see in your account that this selection chest is in your Universal Storage, please check there and you should be able to claim it and choose the weapon skin again!

See you in Arkesia!

Hi Fanduh open universal storage, not here

To open the Universal Storage please go to the bottom right of your screen and select the Guide button, Universal Storage should be at the very top of the list!

Let me know if you’re able to find it!

hehe i am! Ty bro

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What about those who dyed their weapon? My weapon was taken from me and I got the new selection chest in my universal storage, and now I have to re-dye it which costs me a bunch of blue crystals to dye again.

I havent dyed it again yet, but Id like to know if there is any comment on this issue.

Hey @Valkoria

Sorry to hear about your issue, we currently don’t have information about the weapons losing the dye after today’s reset so please contact our Support team directly via web ticket for assistance:

To pull Dxdiag logs please:

Press Windows Key + R and type: dxdiag and hit ‘Enter’ key
Click “Save All Information”
Select the file location and save it.

Hope this helps!