Skin disappeared

I swapped skins to show someone a different skin and one of my skins that I took off disappeared. It was one of the holiday chest pieces (the one that looked like Dorothy’s dress).

I tried having it send all skins to the skin inventory but only the pants moved over. The dress isn’t in my inventory anywhere :frowning:

It was just in the last 15-20 min.

Region: NA-West
Server: Rohendel
Character: NyteSong

change sort order from “by set” to “default order”.

I did. Only the pants are there.
They weren’t in my main inventory either before I moved them over. Only the pants were there. The chest piece just… poofed.
The one I am missing is the blue checkered dress

can you double check both character and roster tabs, and change the sort order on both.
it happened to me.

Like I said, I did all of the above. In my chracter inventory (where they were taken off to in the first place) I used the button to gray out everything that wasn’t a skin. The only skin that was there was the pants.
I then tried telling it to move all skins over to the skin inventory in hopes that I somehow I just didn’t see it. The dress didn’t end up over there under roster or character skins.

I’m in the process of verifying files just in case but now that I think of it, if all I saw was the pants, I don’t have the head piece either :frowning:

Came back from verifying files and all my skins are there again.
Of course it decided to split one under character storage and two under roster, but they were there. And, yes, again, I had checked both before hand.

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yeah it’s really weird, i think it’s a bug, the pants from magick society decided to move to roster storage and only appeared when i changed the sort order to default order. Took me one hour to find my pants :blush: