Skin dyes possible changes?

Can we have the ability to dye all skins?

Or at least descriptions change to let us know which skins can be dyed, I keep forgetting my talon Dawn skin can’t be dyed yet I keep buying the damn dyes thinking I’ll dye it at some point :rofl:

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Thank you for the feedback, Jammyuk!

Which skins would you like to see dyable the most?

They should all now have a “Cannot by dyed” on the tooltip when you mouse over them if they can’t.

An easy solution would be to to recreate them being dyable and have a vendor NPC where you can exchange the undyable ones you have with the new ones. SG is a top developer, shouldn’t be difficult.

@Centeotl at least the seasonal ones, like the summer skins from past years.

Fair point, MitteJuni. An NPC with this ability would simplify things a lot :thinking: .

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Did you read my original post?

Or go with what the others said, but I would personally prefer all skins to be dyeable so I can stick with my Talon skin. That is just my 2cents though.