Skin from Goldseller: 10$, Skin from AGS: 30$ or even more

If bought with Gold from the Market.

So give us a reason pls.

that’s why the bots will never stop :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah but is 10 bucks worth a ban ?

Oh wait :thinking:


You mean 48h ban ? :rofl:


Lol yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

They should really punish players who are doing RmT in the first place but well.


Logically yes, they should punish the buyer and RMT Botter ofc.

There is 2 solutions to punish the buyer :

  • Perma. BAN (Majority game was doing this with zero tolerance.)
  • Temp. BAN + Negative gold with the total sums he bought from the bot. (BDO did this.)
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ez. just dont buy with ur main acc XD

Depending the tool they have you can track it easily. :smirk:

PSO2 was able to track the trade and some accidentally got ban because the bot bought the wrong items.

its AGS, they cant even give server transfers XD


Given it was a one-off thing, neither can SGR really.

they’re already too greedy to pay a decent anti cheat/bots , doubt they’ll chase those.

Not only AGS but SGS too.

The game wasn’t designed to be multiple-region in mind. :rofl:

yeah i know but for me its all blabla. ffs. how hard can it be to copy pasta some gamefiles?
but anyway … this isnt here the topic :sweat_smile:

They need to change their ToS first, I find it’s silly to get temp. ban for buying gold.

You are supposed to get perma. not temp except if they turn the gold negative like BDO.

Last one about this topic :

It’s more about server infrastructure and how they save your database. :rofl:

If you spend a 100 eur on this game for the sake of turning it into gold through the exchange, you can get 25k gold for 11900 RC (12000 RC is 99eur), meanwhile if you RMT you can get 50k-100k.

That’s why people RMT because 25k gold is nothing.

This isn’t up for discussion – if you participate in RMT trading, your account will be actioned against. It is explicitly against the Terms of Service.