Skin Prices on SA :(

I didnt want to make this post, but i think i have to.
The prices for one single skin on SA is about R$278,00 for royal crystals compared to minimun wage of R$1.200,00 is just too much. You can eat the entire month with this value and the rest use for basic needs or rent etc, depends.
I know that a lot of people will buy but the majority will not, you can see this on every channel there is not one single person using skins…
I Think that should have different prices for countries that have a high dollar price.
That is just my feedback from the game, i really wanted to have a lot of skins but not at this price.
If more people join this post or do another related maybe the company understand and try to change something.


Agree, pls try to regionalise prices in all SA even on Mexico we will really appreciate it


Yes! i think is a great solution!

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On what part of the game are you at?

In Feiton/Punika, you see people wearing skins more often than you see people who do not in my server (Kazeros)…

Hi Kanzaki, the majority of people on Kazeros are youtubers and youtubers friends, i cant talk much about that but i think everybody knows how works.
Im on Punika, Vern Server.
Seeing or not people with skins is not this the problem, is the fact proven on numbers, that it is expensive. Im not talking about me but for the majority of people who cant. Hope u understand, if you can is great for you!
Im not arguing with you about this because on the world there is always people who have more than others. But for now im talking about who cant.

What makes you think that youtuber’s friends are automatically loaded/get benefits from their friends?

Crystals are expensive, but skins are tradable and their current market price is within the realm of reason. It’s all about how you choose to spend your gold…

i dont think anything.
As i said if u can good, but let others say what they think too, i understand is your opinion but in this case we disagree
This part of the forum is for feedback, everyone has yours and i just wanted to share mine!

Would agree the same for Germany … Now you will laugh and think all the time yes “Oh the Germans are rich” but this concerns maybe a handful of people.

Most have maybe between 100-300€ to spend on clothes, furniture, special food and entertainment, the rest just goes completely for living expenses, apartment, electricity, car, internet, heating, pets.
So either you do without everything and then buy a skin pack for 40€ or just leave it.

If then times a bill is pending such as a repair or the like for the car. Or a washing machine is broken. most people here can first afford nothing more.

Unfortunately, many always have a completely wrong image of Germany.

Was there a South America server?

I never would imagine this…
But yes i believe in you… I dont knw wt Will happen to games from now on. But can u see things are getting worse… And people agree with that… I dont know ur age but can u remember when playing games was easy? Was only about having fun…
Now is so different and divides people

they don’t care about us :frowning: