Skin Storage Bug - Doesn't Track Arkasia Sets if Sorting by Set on Gunslinger

I’ve seen a thread or two with the same subject, but I’d like to report the same Issue. I stored my Arkasia’s Will (The Black one No Fur) set on my Gunslinger today, and it’s not showing up in my Skin Storage after I put it in there.

I don’t know if it’s because we have a special gunslinger skin that the system doesn’t regonize, but it’s gone now, I’ve also stored my Machinists Arkasia set (the white one, no fur) and that one registers for some reason.

It doesn’t show in the storage, or in the character bound one, but I reckon it might either be hidden or deleted, as the total amount of items in the “roster” tab is 22 - meaning there would be 3 items left (Arkasia’s Will Hat, Glasses and Chest-Pants Piece) that isn’t showing

Edit: HOWEVER if you sort by Default (all items) it shows up. I believe this is a bug that doesn’t track the set name, as this is a Western Client only skin.

i had the same bug happen to me with the ark pass season 2 weapon , it fixed itself after a moment tho. No idea what is causing this

It seems I was right in my original assumption. This is a bug where IF you sort by set Arkasia’s Will Set WILL NOT show up.
However if I sorted by Default it showed all the items in the inventory.

I’m guessing it doesn’t regonize the item on Gunslingers and Strikers due to these 2 variants not existing in the Korean Version

Hello @ItsDivination and @Sunleth. Thank you for reporting this.

Our team is currently investigating the issues with skin visibility in Skin Storage.

As of right now, I have no further news to share about this. Please keep an eye on our Official News section for any related news.

To add to this I don’t see Glorious Melody set on my Shadowhunter when sorting “By Set”, but I can see when sorting by “Default Order”.