Skin Tone excuse is a lie. These are Assasin presets from KR

Let me pick one just for test. (this is the preset at the very center from above)

Here is the character at the class selection

And here is the same character on transformation


AGS getting caught in another lie? Say it isn’t so.


Even if our skin tone is different in our character creation, they could have just used another tone to mimic what KR has or just allow us to use what we made in character creation and applied that to the transformation instead, this was purposefully changed in our version of the game.

Also, no CM or mod has commented on any of these threads at all, not even with “We’ll communicate with the team and get back to you.” There is no doubt in my mind they were specifically told to ignore these threads and not reply to them.


I dunno why they doubled down on the model we got. The first time they used it was “Oh okay, must be a bug. What can you do?” But now it’s just blatant lies. They went out of their way to remodel the transformation


I really can’t blame the CM’s. They’re just told what they can and can’t say. It’s the higher ups who don’t know what they’re doing are the ones who have to step up and tell us what’s going on. But that’s something that will never happen.

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The higher-ups have the privilege of staying completely anonymous and making decisions about a game they know nothing about, affecting a community that they also don’t care about. It’s already been shown they are willing to put profit over trust and respect, going as far as to give players negative pheons(technically premium currency), remove gold sources affecting legit players, 3 weeks of disconnects with no hotfixes, the list goes on.

AGS clearly doesn’t belong in the games industry.


This. Absolutely this. But, because of how big gaming has become, with companies like EA making BILLIONS off the FIFA franchise alone, Amazon was looking to get that kind of return in their studio as well.

Amazon thinks they can just throw a lot of money around and think they will create a hit cough cough Rings of Power, but all the money in the world cannot help you if you do not have people that are both passionate and talented.

And with how AGS is structured, it is no wonder that veterans in the industry that went to the studio quickly left. AGS doesn’t reward passionate developers, it wants quantity of quality above all else from what I’ve heard, so creativity stagnates. Not to mention a majority of the leadership has absolutely no clue what it’s like working in the gaming industry because they never have.

Just a mess.


I honestly think they shouldve just kept the monetization 1:1 with KR. I’ve only been playing in the KR for not long and SG gives players tons and tons of free stuff. And you don’t have to spend 4 hours on a stream just to get them. They just give out coupon codes and bam, you get free stuff.
I now see why the game is a hit in KR. Just play and you know you’ll get free stuff even without spending any money.

Here is my roster in KR. 1 day old. and already have tons of free skins.

Login event? They have 3 friggin login event

Cool give aways? Heck yes! They gave out glasses in support of Team Korea for the world cup

In conclusion. West is gonna fail if it cant retain players


Whoever is in charge and saying what is and isnt allowed needs to be replaced, AGS doesn’t have the needed knowledge regarding communities in games to allow for the titles they publish to last long, the lost ark community has been upset with just about every big update so far, they always find a way to ruin the design of something and the best reply is, oh well.

They directly said this is shadowhunters final form and its not going to change, they straight up dont care about player feedback.

I will never play another game made by or published by AGS ever again, they dont care about their players. The only reason I play Lost Ark still is because of the time I already invested in it.


The western version absolutely will fail sometime after brelshaza, people may return for artist and aeromancer and other class releases, but anyone who quits wont be brought back by a class they never intended on maining. The stagnation will set in hard if we go more than 3 months without getting the Akkan Raid, thats where the real playerbase will fall off, not these bots that come and go. Regardless of Akkan raid, if we do get it, Thaemine isnt expected to release anytime soon even in KR at that point only the long-time players will still be here and expect to hear talk about fresh start servers sometime after that.


It has already failed in my perspective. The prices of things in the AH is an indication. I’ve just got to the point in the game that lets me check the AH and man. The BIS accessories are dirt cheap. I’m talkin an average of 3000 gold.

The new player experience is still great. I see other new players. Like an actual fresh account. It’s insane


As much as I want to say this is an AGS problem (and it absolutely is), I do also believe it to be a Smilegate one as well. I believe AGS is contractually not allowed to release these skins out for monetization unless Smilegate gives them permission to do so.

Smilegate has already released the content in Korea, they already got the money from the customers there, so now they are releasing skins in the West at a snails pace to try and recapitalize on the market since it’s new for us.

We’re being nickeled and dimed by both AGS and Smilegate and the ‘Black Friday deal’ I find to be especially comical because of the fact that those same skins are available to be purchased off the cash shop directly in the Russian client for approximately $14.

They are both milking us.

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I get this but the actual point i’m saying is that SG gives out free stuff with no strings attached. You could ignore the anniversary skin for now but just the way they give out things are hassle free.
In a business POV i get why AGS locks them free stuff behind the twitch drops but that involves 4 hours of mandatory participation. Yes, you can just leave a browser tab open and run it in the background but you still have to make an effort of checking if you’re actually getting the time in. Which still brings money one way or another cuz stream ads. We just basically pump money to them more, so technically those twitch drops ain’t free.

who would have thought that AGS is just shitty little liars.

Ive been itching to play KR honestly, but i cant read the language and dont know how id get on the client. It seems like they have a different game lmao

Dude. Readin Korean is heckin easy. Understanding them is the problem lmao. But yea, totally different game. The only thing I liked in our server is how the aura and pet function works. Cuz in KR (and im pretty sure all other servers) you have to buy them separately

That’s their business intelligence at work.

so basically the skin tone is the same as your character creation upon transformation? from the looks of it the dark skin tone looks like your original character. Just the hair change and the clothes.

It’s just really dark in the class selection. But the transformation is actually pale. But yea, skin tone of the character shouldn’t affect the transformation

umm what i meant is does the skin tone change when you transform which is pale correct?