Skin Tone excuse is a lie. These are Assasin presets from KR

So what exactly is being censored?

@Subdriver @Specialist ha… I love to see two antipathetics argue

Having been on these forums long enough, I know you’re just a troll who only engages in conversation looking to instigate individuals and have pointless arguments, but for the sake of other people who actually read posts on the forums, I’ll quote the answer to your question, however, I will no longer respond to you after this.

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You still havent said what exactly is being censored as you claim. Sorry i should also have been more specific that when something is censored it is being hidden because it is deemed objectionable. I assumed people knew that but with the people that post here i am usually surprised that they use words even when they have no idea what they mean

There was a huge post here on the forums about how AGS censored / changed the game, but it got deleted lol



So what if we get akkan in 1 month?

Oh noes the game is gonna stagnate cause they ll need to release something new in 3 weeks!

Your example is absolutely the usual mmo addict one. There is no way any company can release content fast enough for someone playing the same game 10+ hrs a day 7/7 days.

That wont ever happen. That HAS TO NOT happen ever.

The only thing that has to stagnate here is you. Or to better say, the way you play the game.

-none told you you should play just this. When content is stale, play something else.

-stop fomoing on every minute lost. Go out. Play new games. Park and chill with friends. Plan on ancient gear savings.

-overall, it s your and many other ppl approach needing to change. Every time your kind starts this, it creates an expectation in any game which cant be met, that usually starts leading to rushed content, which usually is terrible, which usually leads to the game dying.

I have so many games to play once it stagnates im almost just sad it wont be enough to play them all.

She’s whitewashed :mask:

Bruh. KR just had 4th anniversary. I doubt West would be able to get to 2nd anniversary given the rate of player bleed we have.

smilegate needs to make a deal with another publisher. otherwise it seems very difficult for this game to survive in na/eu. They haven’t addressed the problems in the game for 9 months.

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I haven’t seen such self sabotage since the days of archage.SA get’s shafted and forgotten with their crystal prices and the west get’s a botched frankenstein build with sub par events and issues (fps,dc’s)

Literally the only thing keeping this game alive and active besides the legion raids is the events.Blackdesert learned that shit fast and has constant decent events going on because let’s be honest what is there to do besides legion raids?Side content?The majority of the side content is boring or dead.I have a whole guild thats been playing since the begining and we’re at a point where we do legion raids and gold island (the only island worth doing) and thats it.

Not to mention new players spending the first weeks having to bus because they can’t get a proper build because of pheons.

Even if there were no pheons(which would be great), there is no gold to be obtained for them to buy accs. Most of the gold obtained pre-oreha(which was recently also nerfed) was removed or nerfed to the ground “to combat bots” yet rmt gold is at an all time low(Low price / high quantity / easily generated by bots). Nothing they’ve done has had any impact on bots and only players have been harmed.

Granted, getting an anti-cheat helped with the queues, but in the panic to get one set up at launch, they chose the cheapest, most useless one available that’s been nothing but a pain for end users…

When a new player joins this game and by some miracle makes it to mid T3 only to encounter unusual restrictions that make no sense and adjust to AGS’ weird agendas, you can bet it makes a great impression… /s

Unless there is a mass exodus to protest the game over this, ain’t shit gonna change unfortunately. SG didn’t design the damn transformation class to have a matching skin tone to the character it’s being used on// AGS gonna keep censoring the garbage until the end of time.

In every single thread regarding this topic you say this. Are you personally involved or emotionaly attached and want this racist change (blackface) to persist?

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Im just amazed at all the people who have no idea what racism is. Guess what, shading a video game character is not it. I am also surprised at how so many people are more than willing to put their ignorance on display.

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The new korean Version has the assets of a female human beeing in contradiction to the previous monster version. And they changed the new version from white to black. Your standard shadowhunter without customization is white, too.

In 2022 It is a problem.

In case they wanted to be inclusive they would need to swap over every skin tone.

Unfortunatly you are disregarding videogames as soulless media unable to display and critic racism.


Audience=money simple.

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I want to see my demonic form -.-

Lost ark was kinda my way to see how ASG had improved after New world release.
Plan was to try new world, not gonna happen (was a nice opertunity with fresh server, but no just no).