Skins available to dismentle for yoz's jar

Can someone explain a little more about the skins available to dismentle for yoz’s jar?

Most streamers are busy with showing case the legendary armors but rarely talking about what kind of skins can be dismentled for yoz’s jar. the more details the better.

thanks in advance.

we don’t know yet for sure.
Best guess: any skin not from twitch

Purple skins give 7 per peace if is like sorc or lancmaster founder give 14 clothes

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can the purple skins dropped from the Chaos dungon be dismantled?

I was about to save some skins for dismentle, but if the dismentle aounts you mentioned are real, thats way too expensive to do RNG for legendary skins.

So skins price gonna go up? Should i panic buy skins on market now?

This is a really good question

I think Saint said no. But it may be different in our version

I have been keeping an eye on the market at the moment, it does seem any significant price changes for skins.

perhaps becoz there are so many uncertainties at the moment, ppl are waiting and see at the moment. for instance, what type of skins can be dismentled? all the skins or just some?

also, given the current on-going discussion on the formun, most of ppl are actually against the in-game gambling system. therefore, Amazon might make ajustments to the current Yoz’s Jar system. what changes will be made we dont know yet.

Last, according some streamers, you can actually buy fabric directly (which are the mats from skin dismentle) from the shop in Korean and Japanese servers. So maybe it will be the same for us that we can just buy fabric directly from the in-game shop without needing dismentle anything.

I would guess so, since bots probably have an enormous amount of chaos skins in stock, having these skins being able to be dismentled, bots will dominate the legendary skin market for sure, which I believe ASG will not allow.


Cash shop only.

This was explained on a reddit post. In game dropped skins and achievement skins are not available to be dismantled.


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