Skins Implementation & Monetization Feels Too Greedy

As a veteran MMO player who was very excited to play Lost Ark, bought a platinum pack, and was ready to buy more skins, I’m really disappointed in how skins are handled in this game. Considering that the skins are not cheap, but only usable on one character is really disappointing.

In other games, buying skins give much more mileage because they are account bound. In Lost Ark if I want to use something like the Omen skin for my Berserker and Paladin, I have to buy it twice even though it’s the EXACT SAME SKIN. Having to buy it again to access the different colors feels like even more of a cash grab and borderline predatory.

Add this to the fact that the game’s base skin/transmog system is severely lacking and you’re going to lose the interest of many players who enjoy customizing their character aesthetics.

It would be reasonable to raise the price a bit for account wide skins that are completely unique for each class, but the current state of skins/shops is really off putting.

So to sum up, I love the game and I’m ready to spend money but the value has to be there. Please add a transmog interface for skins and in-game armor (WoW actually does this well) and also make skins account bound, roster bound, or at the very least class bound.

Thank you