Skins nerfing weapon glows

I noticed a while ago that on my shadowhunter whenever I equipped my weapon skin, my weapons glow was significantly nerfed. I recently bought that new weapon skin that everyone got, and that’s 3rd skin that I bought and it still nerfs the glow.

comparison - Made with Clipchamp (2)

I was going to push my weapon from +22 to +23, but what’s the point when it will barely be visible when skin is turned on, and without a skin it looks awful.

This is such a beautiful japanese themed skin I was very hyped to get it, feels bad man. It’s just dumb that something like this happens at all.


Same thing on my bard, the glow is much smaller with my yoho weapon skin on :triumph:

Some Bard harps make the glow look so small, despite it being +20 or +21. I was so frustrated with my glow, then I equipped a different skin and it was massive. Shouldn’t be a thing but it sadly is.

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Yeah, sometimes I see bards with huge glows and I’m like woaaaahhhhh and then I check her weapon and it’s the same level as mine and then I look at mine and I’m like huhh why does mine looks soo smol. Guess I will need to buy another skin just to have a bigger glow >_>


May I know what skin make the glow massive? I play a bard too.

The weapon skin of these skins make the glow quite big! let me show you on my main Bard.

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Thank you for your feedback. I see what you’re saying about the difference in glow!

I will forward your feedback to the Dev team.

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We all know what true end game is, it’s skins and glows. Thank you for listening!

This skin I found not to be too bad with the glow. My Dolphin weapon skin however was pretty smoge.

Thank you for providing valuable feedback!