Skins not storable in Roster storage anymore?


I noticed today that the skins from the gold and platinum packs (untradable version) and also the animal costume are no longer storable in the roster storage. I used to store all my skins there, because I play some of the same classes and exchanged the skins among the different characters. Now it is so that parts of my skins are bound on my mainchar and other parts on my alt, without the possibility that I could correct this again, since I can no longer put the skins in the chest. Additionally, there is now a Deadeye exclusive skin on my Gunslinger without being able to do anything with it except destroy it.
I don’t understand why I can’t store this in the roster chest anymore, especially since it is a class exclusive and roster bound item.

Is that the way it’s supposed to be? And if so, is there a possibility that one last time you can at least choose the character that the skins will be bound to?

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I used a translator for my post, because I am no native english speaker.


Yes I noticed the same 30mins ago, I wanted to give my Destroyer my Lawmaker Set and it wasn’t Roster Bound anymore. I also got the Guardian Cleric Weapon and Armor Piece( from Platinum Founder Pack) on my Zerk, both are now bound to him and can’t be traded to my Paladin anymore.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will forward this to the team.

Moving this thread from the German to the English Bugs and Localization Feedback category.


I am also having this problem.

I’m having this problem as well

Just bumping this. Still unable to place blue crystal version of Noble set in roster storage, it’s now character-bound(again).