Skins so i have question

Why we cant have skins like WOW you buy skin and can use on all characters ?

This would encourage people to buy more skins for sure and people would be more happy to experiment with skins.

Now we can use paid skin on 1 character



ye but that POE WOW model would encourage to buy more eventualy everyone would win. Now i have 10 chars and only 1 with skin why would i buy more…?

How would you buy more skins if you could use a single skin on all your characters? :joy:

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diferent styles.

Skins should be same system as mounts

What do you mean I’ve already purcased 10 Booba skins. If all skins were transferable I would buy like 5.

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well if you have let’s say… Bard / Sorceress / Arcana and soon when we get Summoner you can use the same skin that says “Mage Exclusive” with Bound to Roster.

that means your Bard / Sorc / Arcana / Summoner can wear this skin. so you just put it in roster storage and pick it on any of them. sure it would be nice if you can use that skin on every class but how are they gonna make money out of them since you’ll just buy specific skins that you wanna use on all classes? also WoW is a sub game so it’s way different.

they make 99% of peons skins is kinda meh

pheons you buy with blue crystals and blue crystals you can buy by farming gold. and exchanging it for blue crystals but skins in general are the ones that make most of the money tbh

??? no

It would do the exact opposite of that when players wouldn’t have to buy new skins for other characters. It is exactly the need to buy more skins that makes players buy more skins

Just make more new good skins and they will sell like candy - look at POE it works people pay 2k+ for packs i bought skins in POE for at least 7k

They just released more new good skins and cosmetics after releasing new good summer skins and cosmetics

Guess what’s in the next patch? New cosmetic goods. Guess what’s in the patch after that? New cosmetic goods

You’re just completely getting wrong on how they should make money. So leave it to them to figure out so they don’t lose money

ye but with this sytem i wouldnt buy 50 skins pack and keep them in my bank not hapening its full of tripod tokens

Because this isn’t WoW.

Not really… without some whales wo sell the Blue Crystals you couldn’t buy them via farmed gold.
So it still need people who actually buy them.

And at the moment are the exchange too low so many whales just sell the skins and get more gold. (That’s why the Price for Blue Crystals increase daily). Less whales sell them.

Well OK still off topic now AGS should make that skins would not take storage place like mounts now half of my storage on mains is skins its kinda annoing and bad

you’ll have a wardrobe later on.