[Skins] That settles it, we wont get every skins available in KR

Mod from the forums said quote

Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding the release frequency of new skins. While not every skin is going to be available in every region, I do understand your feelings and will relay them to the team.

I’m trying to not speculate but wth AGS? Can you atleast explain the reason behind? It’s just outfit or is this something to do with ‘too much offensive in regard of women’ probably, all we got now is ugly skins from my perspective, are we gonna get the sexy one on summer?

topic 3 months in and we got two skins - #32 by MinerTarv


I firmly believe that they meant it not as “some skin lines will not be brought over to this version” like bikini skins, etc. but as “some subclass specific skins will not be brought over.”

For example, KR doesn’t have omen skins for striker and gunslinger. NA/EU is the only version with those skins. We don’t have Lancemasters omen weapon skin, while KR has it. And I believe a CM stated they will never be bringing it here.

So if a skin line exists in KR with a subclass specific skin, and we get the skin line in our version before that subclass releases for us, it seems like they will not be making it available in our version. Time will tell what they actually meant though!


Yh they cant be not releasing poolparty skins, pool party is a major event, even the gold river director teased that event in the introduction to lost ark video, so its definitely coming, just that solo class skins probably wont

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I voiced disappointment at release. I expected more from outrage in the month or 2 that followed… It’s been clear for months now that things won’t change. Don’t know why you’re surprised. Censorship has been a real concern from before the game even came out. They love and support censorship.


They havent censored even 1 skin, what tf are you talking about? wierd

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Yeah I hope you’re right but i do believe there are some political decisions behind it

No, they simply won’t come out with them, as the op implies. “Not Available.”

Censorship, by exclusion.

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Maybe because there are no skins to censor lmao

And AGS themselves said they wont censor skins, if anything theyve censored game stuff, thats completely unrelated to skins. skins will stay the same as they are said by AGS

Pool Party skins sound awesome! I’d love to have summer outfits like that. :slight_smile:

AGS can promise everything, we all know their past with video games.
If they dont release a skin in our version, there is nothing to censor


some skins are region specific :slight_smile: some skins are made just for ru, some just for JP. you won’t get those.

censorship mate!
dont blame the dev… blame the government of your country…for us its just outfits but for politician its not just an outfits :stuck_out_tongue:

Different team, you think they would bring new world developers to lost ark when it failed? lol

I dont think this is something to do with law in a country but internal decision from AGS

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it is…mate
do u think its easy to released something to be sell especially big company?
u have to register the products ask for permission…and so on more paper works…
if not its easy to scam people with their credit cards

Gonna be real funny watching the cope when summer ends and no bikini or spedo skins

Always expect the worst with ags because thats what they always give their players.

i heard that they also only release japanese exclusive skin in japanese server, so it is quiet normal. And it is probably Smile Gate policy, not AGS

Who knows AGS have this habbit to say nothing to their community until the day it releases