Skins! The Marketing Team's [Point of view]

First to make the discussion more productive
Bad skins = skins that other players in other regions of the game don’t wear , or rarely wear.
Good/Normal Skins = skins that players wear occasionally while playing the game in the other regions of the game.
Great Skins = the most popular skins in other regions of the game.

Everyone already knows that “good” or “bad” is different for every person.

So I see a lot of people here think that the marketing team playing it wrong
and they should spam us with skins because it’s a “Win Win”
I will tell you why I think this is wrong!

the skins released with the Platinum pack
and the skins that released with the game release
is to let the players taste what Lost are have to offer.

but even if you don't believe that , here I am talking about
the skins which is releasing right now(every skin after the game release)
after they established the player base
  • First:

I think we can all agree that there is a limited amount of skins in the game.
there is only so many ways for how to make a unique skin, and for amazon it’s a long way to create unique skins like the Japanese server , in their point of view , they want to use all the Korean skins first before they even think about creating a new skin for us (And let’s be honest , we too the players don’t want amazon skin design , just look at all the censoring and you can imagine how amazon’s skins would look like)

  • Second:

bad skins exist.
as almost all the skins from the Korean version has been put to test in the game market.
if you travel in the other servers , or you see the data from the player base from the other versions , you will find that some skins is abandoned by the players , and so rarely used.
so they have to find a way to make the players buy it, or else it would be a waste.
also skins that for small targeted group of player, things like (this skin look bad on most of the classes , but looks good on one or 2 classes)

  • Third:

great skins exist,
so again using the player’s data in other servers they can know what is the most used skins , and what the active players wear all the time.
so those skins have very high value before they are used in the game.

  • Result:
    To clear things up , by using the players data in the Korean/Russian/Japanese version of the game you can easily pull up a statistic on what the most used skins(great skins), skins that used but not as much(Normal skins), and what skins that rarely used(bad skins).
    • so thinking about that , we can divide the skins to minimum of 3 categories.
      1. bad skins. (or skins for a small targeted players, or skins that rarely used in other servers)
      2. good and acceptable skins.
      3. great skins.
      (this is just over simplification, you can divide it to much more , however just to explain my point of view)
  1. bad skins. (or skins for a small targeted players, or skins that rarely used in other servers)
    regardless if you as the player think the skins good or bad , they are bad for marketing
    so if you are the marketing team
    how would you make money out of the bad skins ?
    all you need to do s release it first in the game!
    because no matter how much unused the skins in the other servers, players here doesn’t have too many skins.
  • players who like the skins will buy it.
  • players who think the skins are acceptable or normal will buy the skins.
  • players who hate the skins will buy it if you give them enough time without other skins, 1 or 2 month is enough for that to happen, where it’s guaranteed that players will have gold more than the skin price in the market , so someone would buy the skin from the cashshop and put it in the market hoping that by time someone will buy it for some extra gold instead from selling crystals for gold directly.
  1. good and acceptable skins.
    these skins can be used any time , but not so much
    as you have to make sure players buy the bad skins first
    also you can add one skin from time to time, even the worst skin in this category will make the player base happy, as all what they have known is baD SkiNS

  2. great skins.
    those skins are your savior! (in the marketing team’s POV)
    You have the data!!!
    those skins are the most used skins ever!
    you have to not let them go that easily!!!
    so use examples:

  • a lot of people left the game
  • you messed up the game a lot
  • showing the players that you care about them (lol they would fall for it and defend us to death by using that skin as an example for how much skins we put in the game)

Conclusion: (TL;DR)
If you are the marketing team what would you do? (share your opinion!)
after that you already established the player base
so first , try to push the worst skins in the game first!
NEVER, EVER, EVER, give options to the players by putting more skins too fast even if they were bad! , this will make the player decide what he want and will drop the sells for the bad skins.
put 1 normal skin every 3 to 4 months so players wont feel that all what you care is the money (even if the players already know that , give them false hope that you care about them!)
never let go of the most wanted skins , the skins that most the players would want, use them only for emergency.
what would stop you? if people stop buying the skins at all , this will never happen , but if it did , you can always add 1 Normal skin as a Filler.

Outside of the skin topic , I do think they think this way about event’s classes etc
Just imagine how many players will return to the game when they drop the Artist class!
I guarantee you the game would turn into back to school day. everyone would create that class , people who likes it , people who want it as a support, people who like the idea of trolling parties who want support and they are playing on DPS build , and people who like to meme
same goes for events, and anything the player wants.

What should we “the players” do?
this will never happen , but stop buying skins!
point out that the skins we are getting are bad or for small targeted players all the time!
I don’t know what we can do more, accept the situation?
Every time we ask for good looking skins we get


Share your Opinion!
If you are the Marketing team Manager, What would you do?

Note: Sorry for all the misspells and grammar mistakes.
mE EnGlISh baD :stuck_out_tongue:
(Also my “i” button isn’t typing most of the time , time to clean my keyboard I guess.)


Please write tl;dr, in no way heck im gonna be able read all that

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This is subjective.

But yeah this skin set will be one that’ll look decent on my Paladin but is basically like another Omen set.

read the “Conclusion” part

skins for a small targeted players, or skins that rarely used in other servers

They want vast suits of armor because they deem that “appropriate” for a fantasy game.

The entire concept of running in bikinis and lingerie does not fit in with AGS’s idea of how a fantasy game should be played.

These things do exist though, just look hard enough. Rapport vendor and Ark Pass has a bottom and top if you are looking for that kind of thing I guess.

If AGS/SG wants to make money. Just release a skin with just thong and nip stickers, players will go crazy and AGS/SG will be swimming in money.

Jeff be like “Easiest money of my life, don’t even have to buy Twitter”.


I hope so

They don’t even have to do that. Just release things that people wear on a beach casually everyday…heck, even the completely tame dress in the Neria’s shop is a step in the right direction. Just create all the options and the population can decide which ones are their favorite.

even if this game is fantasy game
we still have this in-game thanks to the director

(this a screenshot from the game directly!)

well, now that the director is gone I don’t think we would get anything like that in the future.
it was a great last gift from him before he leave!.
I feel grateful to him!

I did hear more then once the streamers who play on other servers saying " the director given us this , and the director given us that" I feel like he was the player’s defender against corporate xD

If you’re not willing to read, then why are you even here?
Goodness me, it’s like people can’t be bothered to do the simplest things.

When it comes to the marketing, most of those parameters are subjective. But they can just look at the data and see what worked where etc.
I do think AGS made a mistake but hey, they’ve made quite a few, just look at New World.

What would have been common sense would have been to release some of the good skins (yes more than 1) at the beginning. Not the “best”, but decent ones because they would have worked and you don’t reveal your ace too fast. BUT it’s imperative you release them at the beginning because it’s when you’re going to have lots of people and what you do is show them something good to look forward to.
The 1st impression is important, and releasing a couple of the “good” skins does just that.
NO, the Omen skins are terrible, they were the edgy type that apparently flopped in Korea too, but I may be wrong.

What you can do with the least palatable skins (like Omen) is to release them when the other content you’re releasing makes up for a lack of good skins, but only once you’re already “deep” in your game. We’re talking about months after the release, the bad skins should never be released at the beginning. It makes no sense to sell them when the playerbase is at its height because you’re going to miss out in pure numbers.

Your entire reasoning is flawed, to a degree it’s kind of pathetic. Especially when there is proof that releasing more skins regularly works, and that example is called RIOT. They release skins regularly, and they release entire packs of them, and they sell.
What determines the “greed” is the price, not the quantity of skins. You got this wrong.

You should NEVER release the worst skins first, 1st impressions matter, and if you mess up at the beginning it will leave a bad impression. The first skins you have to release are the good ones, not the best, but they have to be the ones people are going to like. You can release the bad skins when the other content you’re releasing can make up for it, but even then the rate with which they come out has to be increased, in Lost Ark’s case.

A lot of your arguments make no sense. They’re not sound, OP.


I think you missed something
what I am arguing about is they already established the player base on the skins/characters look with the platinum pack skins and the skins that was released at the start of server (Alar and some other class exclusive skins) also any other skin can be farmed in the game and also the normal gears at the game release, those things can only be used at the game release , and can never be used again for this trick.

players will always buy “Normal” and “Good” skins but they will never buy “bad” skins if they have the option

If I left the game , and a good skin was released maybe one of my friends will show me the skin and maybe I return to buy it , or one of my friends buy it for me to tempt me to return to the game
remember that bad skins exist and you cannot just bypass it or it would be a money waste

don’t you agree that for example that if they released “Omen skins” in the future instead , it will be bought by much less quantities?
and by their move they really cashed up from the Omen skins much more than if they released it in the future.

They keeping all the skins to continue creating false hype around it and milk it until there are no skins left, its a classic

No I don’t agree about the “Omen skins”.
Releasing a decent skin that could entice players at a point in time when there are say 1 million players, would yield a higher chance that those skins will be bought at a higher rate than if you released a “bad skin”.
By the time you have like 100k players, and you release a good skin, you’ve already lost way too much. Even if 80k players buy the skins, the gains are less than even if just 200k bought the skins when you had 1 million players.

If a “bad skin” is released in the future, accompanied by good content, it won’t make a difference since bad skins will perform poorly regardless no matter when you release them, BUT the playerbase will tolerate it more if X firm is smart and releases it with the proper support (like good or enough content) as long as it’s not the first thing they see, because again, first impressions matter greatly.
The “best skins” and “good skins” will sell regardless, which means that it’s best to release them when you have the most players in your game to get the most out of them.
On this aspect AGS/Smilegate have made a major mistake.

I see , please provide a description on how they could have sold more quantities of “Omen skins” that the quantity that they had sold by what they did.

isn’t that already happening? players tolerating it? buy buying the bad skins regardless and ask for more skins?

who would they ever sell bad skins if everyone already have good skins?

would you by Omen skin if you already have the perfect skin for all your character?
most likely not.

Excluding bots
if they release bad skins now = 50% or more of the players buys it
if they released a good skin = 100% of the players will buy it, your sells for bad skins in the future will be much lower , so you will lose money in the long run.

I did not buy the Omen skin, and would have never bought the Omen skin, because for me it’s an awful skin.
That’s the thing, there are way higher chances that they don’t sell anyway even if you attempt to create some artificial scarcity, bad skins may never be sold anyway.
But it’s not just that, artificial scarcity is still not going to be enough to sell enough of them to be comparable to the yield of a good skin being released when there are a lot of players.
Especially when players know that there are MUCH better skins down the line, they’re more likely to save up for when the good skins come, and IF they come.
Amazon’s lack of communication and attitude may also induce people into thinking we may never get the good skins, and this serves to foment discontent too.

And as I said, and I will keep repeating, it does have an impact on people’s impressions. Unfortunately, we do not have the data and all of this is conjecture, so all we can make are attempts at approximations.
Players have left already, how do we know how many would have stayed if AGS enticed players with the right skins? Or would have prolonged their permanence?
Speculation but who knows, people have different things that keep them in the game.

Releasing the bad skins first is a terrible idea, and I will stand by it. You can keep the best skins for later, but the good ones need to be put in front to at least give a sense of quality. If you’re presented with awful skins, what can you expect next if that’s the quality that you’ve been first presented with IF you’re a completely new player?

And no, you don’t lose money simply because it’s a game of numbers.
The more people you have and the better the skin on display, the higher the chances that people will want it and buy it. It doesn’t matter that the bad skins won’t sell that well later on, because the sheer number of players you have at the beginning will make up for that loss, or you adjust the price to make up for the loss with your good skins, and it’s much easier to do so when you present something good right away, than if you present a bad thing.

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With your logic they will never sell the “bad skins”. (or they will sell it for a very very small group of people)
and they will also not release the skins for noting.
if you have the skins that you want, there is a high chance that you wont ever buy any other skin they release later

think about it to the extreme, what if they released all Lost Ark’s skins at once ? they will get a lot of cash! right?
But would it be the same amount of cash that they would have got if they released it as they are doing right now ?

I won’t bother you by repeat my self again.
if you cannot use it, than it’s a waste of money, that’s why companies hire teams to prevent that, if it’s as easy as you describe most companies would be out of money or be forced to work twice as hard to earn what they deserve.

My opinion is that this is too long to read.

I honestly don’t even know who Is calling the shots here smilegate or AGS, because If It’s smilegate and they think sexier skins wouldn’t sell well in the west, they are very mistaken.

If It’s AGS trying to change smilegates own game to their own ideology, that’s completely wrong idea too.

TL;DR: Release spicier skins, ty. Enjoy the profits, win win.

There’s different things they get to call the shots on. AGS gets to call shots on things like skins…SGR gets to call shots on things like balance changes, QoL and whatever AGS suggests to them probably.