Skip Clown for Brelhaza?

for further clarification how is this doen, do they go past 1472 and just never do higher content?

im not 100% sure but i remember someone said they stay at 1472 because of argos gold and DONT go past 1472

but at 1490 u can do g1g2 brel right which gives 4500 alone

no idea where they stop thats subjective and up to the individual but they just dont raid further, because pugs for abrel + wont take you if you dont have level 2 gear or higher ( i think new class releases are an exception because u cant get the level 2 gear int he first week/s).

so they would stop after raiding vykas.

do they take supports with lvl1 gear?

You might think that 1472.5 to 1490 is not a lot but it actually is. 1490 would be all items at +20 meaning you’re hitting 5% chances starting from 17 till 19 and 19 to 20 you’re hitting 3% (Without solars). And Artisan takes quite a while there as well.

yeh honing calc says its like 6000 leapstones worst case scenario

On my Deadeye this week I spent like 700 Great Leaps going from all +16 (1430) to all +17 (1445) and that’s with 1tapping weapon to +17. 3 armor pieces hit 100% Artisan pity. So yeah.

if they are a new release class, or some shit, but generally if youre a support/dps and havent bothered with clown then they wont take you, clown is alot easier for supports than DPS, gate 3 might still be a problem because of the encouter difficulty, but if you cant do gate 1-2 im gonna say in advance than abrel will be unclearable too.
level 2 gear is a boost of 10%ish dmg to dps classes and its even better with level 2 yearning, so they would go for that, but again its a shortage class so u might get some parties (they just wont be very geared parties)

rough, hopefully the 1460 push treats u better

On SH which was first alt I pushed, majority of the way from 1430 till 1460 I hit free hones with fused leapstones. Last 3 items including weapon I had to hone manually and 2tapped weapon to +18 there aswell. No idea why I got it to 1460 even if I don’t really plan to do Hard Vykas on it anyways. I did use the 16-18 event books on both of them though.

Which also makes supports act entitled. We were 3 premade DPS and had to pug support Week 1 cause static support and another DPS ditched the game and never came back for Clown like they said they would. We went through like 10 supports during Gate 3 until we got a decent one and cleared the gate in like 2 hours or less from having best pull at Showtime and haven’t been inside 3rd Mario yet.

All of the supports before that wanted to leave cause they thought they’re too good and didn’t want to “waste time”, yet when assigned to Mario 1 or 2 they’d fail it almost every time or perma run into Saws during 1st Stagger. Kind of ironic.

my bard is only 1445 idk if i can get it to 1490 by brel lol

bit generalised there, the same shit goes for DPS its just players in general.

As a support main and being part of a guild 24supports strong i can say that non are like this that i know, sad to see you experience that though. Supports often do have to play baby sitter and do get the short end of the stick ones statics want to start bussing and shit so i can see why many turn sour, but yeah you got super unlucky i want to say, hopefully you dont run into the same going forward. swords and hooks are hard to hate on people given the hitbox shenanigans im seeing and recording for myself, but yeah not good if they are toxic to begin with.

you have 2-3 months, thats enough time to get the chaos every day, and a good amount of leaps, youll have to play it every day (una + chaos) and get all of your NPC mats, but its possible, but there is no need to push it day 1 the raid isnt running anywhere

even gate 3 will be easy once we have t2 set bonus. The hardest part in g3 is slow transition and timing, with more dps you control the fight.

Everything is easy aslong you got a static. If not, well have fun progressing g1-3 for the next few weeks over and over again

if someone has set bonus they know mech so it’s not hard to figure out who to invite. G2 is easy with screen share.

Not for g3

You “CAN” skip clown for bralshaza however your sets will FOREVER be stuck at level 1. While set levels only give a “small benefit” its STILL a benefit. But it is NOT required to get the bralshaza relic set (which eventually goes into the artifact set).

Also seriously if G3 is so problematic, just dont do gate 3, you still get what 6 trumpets for clearing gates 1 and 2 and only miss out on an additional 4 trumpets from gate 3 and a possible additional 5 from the auction chest. You need 75 total trumpets to upgrade all 6 pieces.