Skip story for Story Express

Hope it can be change to forbid the use of knowledge transfer and powerpass if this char is attendding Story Express Event. So that ppl wouldn’t miss click or miss reading the Note or something like that.

This is what happened. I created a new char for Story Express Event and I use the knowledge transfer. Now it has only 7% and you can’t get the 100% reward.
It will warn you that you can’t get the reward before you confirm. But here’s the problem. It feels like you can’t get the area reward only instead all of it.
Btw, is there any solution? I really need the 100% reward pls.

it was cleary statet , that you should not use any skippings at all

multiple times
forum is full of that aswell

also you cant missclick
if you activate it , you get the reward screen aswell , where its clear on sight that you have to do the story to earn that rewards
you have to click the song for your stronghold
you have to click the button for knowelegde transfer
you have to click the right character
and you have to click another time , to make sure that you want to do it , because it costs gold

how can you missklick ?
same for RC passes , you have to click several times to activate it

also if you said you even got warned before you skip that you dont get rewards…

i dont think that a game developer or publisher is in charge to make parts of the game unusable or blocking them
to prevent players to do stupid things

you can read
you can think
you could inform yourself beforehand
and you still clicked in your full mental status on YES

no , just no

you cant get any reward and its not possible to get your pass or rewards now

it got stated several time

hope this was a lesson for you

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trying to abused the system right?

In the “event information” it is stated that you must complete the main quest of each continent. I can understand why would someone confuse it to thinking you could use knowelegde transfer, it should have been excplicit said you must complete them manually - in game -, but in the information on the patch notes it was informing you couldn’t use any ways to skip the story.

I guess it would be better if they implemented this information in game for those that doesn’t read the patch notes. But I recomment you to read them next time. There’s always detailed information you may need… Like this one.