Slayer before Aeromancer? Slower update my !@#

so basic what we can confirm from AGS/Amazon/smilegate are just lies.

we going to have more pace and slow down updates for content and give people more pace to have less burn out.
Class will be released in order from Korean

all here are lies and you can no longer denie it.

  • Slayer first then Aeromancer (disgusting because you let Aeromancer players wait again for ages)
  • Akkan release August (couple months after you have Elgacia)

what nice job you’re doing you’re not helping at all with what you’re saying on the first part.
you can’t have people learn Abbysal dungeon, nope right into the next nightmare.

why release slayer before Aeromancer you milking out because your game is dieing.
disgusting roadmap and lies again. Because you know many wants booba girl, lets censor that too please @Roxx @Sandovall

pushing Elgacia and then Akkan into the game just to tire out player base again.
you’re hopeless if you can’t confirm what you said in part 1

how can people hit 1600 that wants to do it HM day one if people already struggle getting levels


Do 1580 instead. Why do you need to do 1600?

ye i can do argos as well so why do i need to be higher than 1370?

Maybe because i want to do all the content game has to offer?

The fact remains they promised they will slow down with content and now they drop this on us lmao.

because if a game provide 1600 content, you want to have at least one character up to that level. If it’s impossible to reach then don’t release it.

I play since start from release lost ark on EUC and I’ve 6 rosters at least and couple loppang alts. They are milking out the game, it’s dieing because of their failure calls.

They should only release here Elgacia and next roadmap Akkan other things.
If they were smart they release Aeromancer first then Slayer but hey lets keep our boys from streamers happy. Zeals wants his slayer on NA like he provokes us on twitter.

those players are patethic,

Ban bussing so there is less gatekeeping, i think 60k player base you have left there will be 20k left with this info. I’m not longer enjoying jailgage anymore from Amazon/smilegate
lets not forget, Discord is full with bus sellers, then they have title hostage the main people. “but i’ve the title” game is dramatic going to failure game after 1 year to his grave

happy bot anniversary!