Slots in Lab Research gone


After the latest update my Lab research has been removed. I have one slot that I can do research on but I’m supposed to have two since my lab is level 3. I was hoping this bug would go away by itself after I completed the research, but it hasn’t. This is not a visual bug since I can’t select new research, the “Research”bar to press it is grayed out. (See attached photo)

It also says in the bar to the left that my research and station dispatches are completed when they aren’t. (See attached photos)

I read some of your support on another thread with another person with a similar issue. You told them that you can look at “All research” and bypass the bugg from there. This is not the case, nor can I bypass it by searching with a research name. This bug is on all my character on my server.

Server: Europe Central (Sirius)
Character: Eatdust

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I am experiencing the exact same issue on NA West // Akkan server. People in area chat say they are too. Might be everyone?

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Same in my zone chat. But some people said it works fine for them

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Same happened to me. My server is antares and my character name is Palabiyik . Is there a fix for this?