Slow assets loading when loading into an area

Anytime I log in, or teleport to a new zone. The assets such as NPCs and other peoples skins take several seconds before they are rendered. During this time I will hover around 30-40 fps until the area is loaded. If I immediately mount and run around the map, I will continue to experience low FPS until I pause and stand still allowing for the game to fully render. I have a 3080, and 10900k. So, I believe my hardware isn’t the issue. I have spoken to other people, and have even seen streamers such as Saintone speak of this issue. Saint has said that this not an issue in Korea.

I understand from reading previous post, the developers are aware of this issue since launch. However, that doesn’t tell us the priority of which it lays in order to solve this.

This game is an amazing game, however this is my one complaint that has bothered me since launch as I was expecting performance to be buttery smooth as Koreans have expressed it is for them.


Please fix this, it is still plaguing the game 9 months later. Thank you.

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