Slowly and slowly this game is going to turn into an echo chamber

You see the exact same thing happening in WoW and FF14. Bad decisions frustrate players and cause them to quit. The ones who dare to criticize the game. And now the people who still stick around are the ones who make the game part of their identity and treat any criticism as a personal attack. Because they’re maladjusted and have nothing going on IRL. These players are now the majority because the ones who criticize quit the game.

The white knights of every MMO are the real reason why MMOs eventually fail. Because the hardcore fans won’t tolerate any criticism.

It’s alarming that the thread on the rapport gold restriction is met with responses that basically amount to “it’s not a big deal and if it’s you’re a bad player”. When not realizing this has been a trend for a while now. The new player experience is now abysmal because of all these restrictions, and because all they see around them are bots. This game fails to capture many new players at all. And yet the diehard veteran fanboys will keep defending decisions that hurt new players.

Ultimately this game will die because endgame veterans would rather new players suffer than to accept a criticism on their personal identity.


I don’t think rapport has anything to do with new player experience, in fact I’d prefer not having this system at all, virtue lock is stupid.

Take your poison, gold farms disrupting the market, doubling blue crystal price, or a three day hold period which does not matter much unless there is someone mistyped price on AH?


At least there is still some hope in these forums.

I do hope they focus on the new player experience soon because I’ve noticed the past couple of weeks have definitely been rough on the new Mokokos. The game definitely has a majority cult following rn

They will not stop because people still defending this and support with ingame-cash purchases.

Old games die, because people don’t want to play MMOs with pixels and 800x600 vga graphics.

Also this game is 4 months old. There are no veterans. Our guildies that started like a couple weeks ago easily hit “endgame”.

So I’m not sure, what your criticism really is?

Even a “You all fanboiz and have no life” rant will still get you a lot of agreement here I guess.

And no offense, but WoW is a really bad example, being the most successful online game ever, in a nutshell. If you think, players didn’t criticize, you’ve never met a disgruntled Vanilla hardcore player. Or recently, WoW classic.

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Next patch gonna looke like, “added a 3 day wating period to verfiy you account before you can enter the game”
“Added a 3 day waiting perioid berfore you can send messages in chat”
“Added a 3 day waiting period before you can post on the forums”


the funny part is the amount of some people here that are literally in every thread replying to every comment to invalidate their opinions and defend the indefensible, same people
its a joke


Who is upset in ff14, their game is 20/10

If and I do mean IF this game becomes a ghost town it will not be the games’ fault, it will be the players. There are so many people here who think they are god’s gift to this game and what they think is wrong with the game is the final word. People need to just stop trying to be so elitest and start behaving like the people they are playing with are sitting across from them. Just try and be nice to other players and stop demanding everyone be decked out to the hilt just to run a regular raid.

Everyone does not need to have lvl 7 gems, 5x3 engravings, max tripods, bis card deck… remember when you were a scrub and 1000 dollars richer? Not everyone progresses at the same level, especially in a game that you can get a head of other gamers by using your credit card.


You know, people can love a game and still be critical of it, right?

I love LOA, been playing it for 6 months as my go to game after university classes, but I can still be critical of decisions on it. My very first post on the forum was about the class release rate being too long lol

Every game has its white knights, but people that actually love a game or a franchise are often the most critical of it, because they expect better. The fact that you think FFXIV players or hell WOW players aren’t critical of their own game says a lot.


everybody was F2P until they added a 3 day hold on buying gold.

Now all of a sudden everybodys mad :rofl:


So your point is disagreement equals “invalidation”. While disagreeing with (or invalidating) basically every non-conforming reply to any threads here?

Just so I get that right.

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That’s literally because FF14 community is the most toxic and insular community ever lmao. They literally send death threats to reviewers who criticized their game. And this didn’t even happen just once. It happened multiple times.

Guess what happens when your community sends death threats to people who criticize the game? It becomes a complete echo chamber because sane people learn to stay away from the game. Or if they stay, they shut up and never criticize anything because of fear of reprisal.

Have you not seen the death threats to people criticizing FF14?

What happened in 14?

LazyPeon and Scottzone both got death threats just for criticizing the game lmao.

Lost Ark community isn’t that bad yet but if you guys keep telling criticizers to “shut up” then this community will one day end up like FF14’s.

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I don’t play FF14. That’s bad. Stories like this unfortunately happened as long as online exists.

And it’s a worrisome trend in the whole society at the moment. Everything goes, if it’s for a perceived “good cause”.

I’d agree very much in the sense that (in games or online generally) the same rules apply as in real life - sorta. So death threats are just that and a case for police, courts and a legion of psychologists. Imho.

I’d be careful however to throw this in a bucket with any community as a whole. Guilt by association sorta. (well, maybe 8chan …)

Also, people write a lot of stuff on twitter. If this isn’t well documented, I’d also take it with a grain of salt at least. (it’s great marketing o/c, if you’re a modern online citizen / blogger / influencer)

I mean I played FF14 regularly and the average player does mald hard if you criticize FF14 or Yoshi P. The death threats are just the most extreme examples.