Slowly getting bored of playing alts

Does anyone else feel the same?

I currently have main, Paladin, at 1450 (rerolled mains once already) and “only” 4 alts at T3 (above 1370)

With each day I enjoy playing my alt characters less and less. Currently, I play them every second or third day but at this rate, I might not be able to force myself to play them even once per week. Don’t take me wrong, I enjoy the classes themselves, the combat and gameplay are really fun, but I just CBA to play alts to make my main progress quicker. I never enjoyed playing alts in other MMORPGs and I hoped it will be different here …

The worst part is that once I stop playing alts, I will not have anything to do, just playing my main for 1 hour per day and a few hours on raids. No, I don’t really enjoy horizontal content.

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No one can really help you but yourself in this case. Daily or once or twice a week routine of playing alts will always be a thing if you want to keep up in this game. Unfortunately, this game was made for people who want to casually play in mind so people who want to grind won’t find themselves having much to do.

Nope, I actually bought 2 character slots the other day so I could make even more
Made 2 martial artists, soul fist and war dancer and both are pretty fun

“Lost Ark is a game that respects your time” wonder how those parrots are doing.


They already left the game


Yeah i just feel the same, again, having been on a small break already. The game is fantastic under some aspects but it really kills all the fun by forcing you to do always the same without being able to choose. Yes there is the rest bonus that i always save, so i personally dont even do everything on my 5 alts everyday. Also i just can’t because it gets exahusting. And there is the side content, yes but if i wanna progress then i really don’t have anymore energies to explore, do islands etc.

Certainly the more one plays the more this hits hard, but it always does at some point i think. And this happens way more than in other games, the only things that keeps me playing is PvP and i guess customization. For the rest i’m mainly farming gold for something xD i guess skins. My main is 1370 and bringing my alts at 1340, maybe will reach 1385 in a bit if i ever want to hone again xD But anyway this is what i mean when i say that this system ruins the game, lots of to do content to farm, and little or limited content for potential fun stuff like abyssal, i say potential because the ilvl gap between the players makes the experience unbalanced.

Like you say, there is really this feeling of “i really want to do something” but then you can’t xD it’s so sad. At least for me there is PvP, having good fun there.

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