Small Honing UI Bug Bound vs. Tradeable Mats

The gear honing menu does not make it clear when mousing over resources whether they are bound or unbound – it sums them together in a total and has a popup ‘tradeable’ even when they aren’t.

For example, in this screenshot my character has 11 Bound leapstones in her inventory, and 317 unbound Tradeable leapstones in my Roster bank.

However, the pop-up on mouseover in the gear honing menu shows a total of 328 “Tradeable” leapstones, when this is not the case.

It would help to know the real number of bound vs. unbound materials which will be consumed, because sometimes you only want to use the bound materials to level up an alt without risk of using items you might sell or be able to transfer to another character.

If this is not a bug, please consider it as an enhancement request.

Honing will always use bound materials first before unbound ones, as long as they are accessible to the character honing (ie: in your inventory, storage, or roster storage).

Knowing that, it’s up to you to know/look how many materials you have and know how much you want to use.

I understand that’s the current state, and this isn’t a huge problem.

But the UI in this case is not presenting accurate information, and it’s a small inconvenience to do math before opening the screen.

If this is a bug and if it’s easy to fix, it would improve the UI somewhat.