Small rant "... Weak ppl create bad times"

Heya folks,

The biggest thing I can’t understand is:
AGS and or SG said they remove the “P2W weekly boxes” and putting the pet buff in the crystal aura so the game is less P2W cause the “west don’t likes P2W” .
They did that and everything was fine. I mean sure u can still gigawhale like crazy spend 10k € and kinda be P2W but that is a fairly small amount of ppl who can afford that. Maires shop was small af so if u miss like some leaps for ur upgrade u can spend a couple bucks and go with it. But this wasn’t enough for u I guess.

I mean everyone is always like “f**k P2W game” bla bla…
But as soon as the game releases the bots came and the amount of RMT is ridiculous. I mean the bots are just a symptom for the illness which is RMT.

AGS shouldn’t be accountable for the miss doing of 1/3 of the player base.
Sure with no bots there would be no RMT but with no RMT there would be no bots, cause it won’t be providable for them.

So, I herby ask everyone of u to just stop the ducking RMT. Play this beautyfull game and just stop to invest in bots u are just harming the game.

Plus im 100000% sure u will loose the fun of the game either u will get banned, minus gold or u have no contend cause ur ready for Elgacia already. It’s just harming to everyone no one can be that stupid.

stop RMTing.
Stop blame AGS
Stop invest in bots
Stop destroying this game we all waited for for years.

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Every game afaik always had to deal with some sort of bot issue.

Every game afaik always had some form of RMT, whether people are defining RMT as people actually purchasing gold from the provided market of the actual game or defining RMT as people puchasing gold from 3rd party sources which both are correct.

However, the way both AGS and SG has managed the situation so far warrants criticism.

Lastly, fun is subjective. People rather have fun in the present than care about the the consequences later down the line.

TLDR: Continue to criticize AGS/SG. Whether people are doing it by providing constructive feedback or flaming them, the people who wishes to voice their opinion on forums in a feedback section deserve the right to do what they want and voice what they want because realistically most of it is just players venting and it going through one ear and out the other on AGS/SG’s side.

If you want to play devil advocate and give them the benefit of the doubt, then sure perhaps they’re listening, but they’re not capable of adapting and evolving quickly to the rapidly and constantly changing situation.

If stealing were allowed IRL, the amount of thiefs trying to steal whenever they can would make running any kind of business straight up impossible. That’s why people live in a society and form governments, follow law to put to end to that kind of stuff.

You have a very flawed logic. AGS is responsible for preventing RMT since it is against their ToS and we all started and invested on this game because we thought they would provide a fair environment.


I’m going to have to agree with Nsilva on this.

AGS shouldn’t be accountable for the miss doing of 1/3 of the player base.
Sure with no bots there would be no RMT but with no RMT there would be no bots, cause it won’t be providable for them.

AGS is the creator of this content that is paid by the people. And the people have every right to demand AGS to take action against botting/cheating/RMT. People pay for a good time, a quality game. And currently, they’re getting ripped off.
Personally, that is how I am feeling right now. I regret throwing my hard earned money and buying their royal crystals.

Yes, miserable people tend to make miserable time. But there needs to be rules, law and order at all times. In a world without order, there’s just chaos. Who in their right mind want to live in chaos?



pliz stop stealin’, it’s bad y’know. Y_Y pliz stahp, imma not call police becuz I think u r a grown up ppl and can be reasonable. ok u can steal but just a bit, not too much pliz I still have to mek money.

A sensible post on the Lost Ark forums.

What is this ? Sorcery ?


Why reason with them? Is far to late for that.

Is completely AGS fault for not banning RMTers instantly.

Permaban rmters cleanse this game for god sake

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What you are feeling right now is exactly why they should sanction harshly RMTers ASAP.

They’re bleeding potential money and they probably already lost millions due to RMT.

They aren’t greedy, they lack insight. If they truly were greedy they would have acted on both ends of the stick : RMTers and bots.

They chose to fight against an infinite force (bots) instead of (at the time) a handful of rotten players.

Now they’re on panic mode because the disease has spread way too far.

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I did read an idea/theory from someone on this for about AGS not wanting to perma ban these RMT offenders because, supposedly, these RMTers are the same group of people who are willing to spend real money into the game.

But that may just be an assumption. I don’t think AGS will lose a significant amount of people who are willing to spend money into the game. For starter, the ones who already spent a huge chunk of money has already done so. Second, if they are going to do RMT, they will do it and not spend money in the legitimate way. And finally, most importantly, cleaning up this mess will create growing space for potential, high quality players that will spend money into this game.

So definitely they lack insight. That’s a kind way of putting it. I just simply call it incompetent. Their strategist is failing at their job.