Small time whale guild leaving till situation is better - for me i'm moving to KR server for now

Sitting on 10K queue now in NA.

I’m a small time whale - spent about USD$5K on currency exchange for the first 2 months.

Eventually I stopped because the RMT business seems to be thriving and I don’t find a reason to do it again.

I have 3 alts at 1460 - and 2 alts at 1445, I had fun at Legion Raids and my main is at 1475.

We are a group of friends, and we grew our guild to about 20-30 active players. Most of them are whales like me, but I’m pretty sure some of them are RMT-ers, oh well.

My group of friends are definitely not RMT-ers, cause we are all IRL friends and business partners. We are also passionate in gaming during our free time because of COVID. We spent money and also worked on our horizontal and roster progressions.

I speak a bit of Korean so for now I’m switching over to KR server. My friends are switching to another game/indefinitely taking a break.

We will be back when the situation is better.

My situation might not matter but I’m making this thread to let you guys know that even whales don’t bother with queues. So AGS will definitely be losing out eventually.

Anyone who is in KR server, feel free to join Arman server. For now, only Nineveh, Arman and Kadan servers are unlocked (irony huh? they don’t lock servers here but for KR servers).


ok? why does this need a post.

“My situation might not matter but I’m making this thread to let you guys know that even whales don’t bother with queues. So AGS will definitely be losing out eventually.”

Learn to read


Ok so what? You’re a whale and you’re going to Korea to regrind all over again because you have no patience. Good for you. Bye.

Smilegate CEO’s alt account. Just point and laugh.


I don’t know xD things are happening on their server with success I don’t think they would actually care about global server

Patience for? I can come back months later and put in cash and I’ll still be relevant. The point is the services they provided are infested with cheaters and RMT-ers with no concrete plan at work except for verbal confirmation that the “developers are working on it”. I don’t grow my businesses based on hearsays. If they do fix the problem, good. I’ll whale my way. If not, I’ll just continue playing in other region.

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your reaction is more useless than his post. not only unlike his does yours not any information anyone can do something with but all you do is bring up an argument that nobody needs. go touch some grass stay of the f’ing forums

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yup the queue is getting worse by the day especially since last week. Kind of annoying whenever i want to play the game and i need to wait for 15k queue everyday.

And you know what these long queues make, it’s creating FOMO to the players making them not wanting to log off from the game, it is bad for the player’s mental health, i hope AGS can at least know what they are doing to the real players

Is 5k USD considered a small time whale? :thinking:

So you share all your business plans with your customers? Interesting.

What? The customers need to know what directions you are going. Most provide proposals or documentations but you don’t really need to. You just need provide a direction to instill confidence to your clients.

Do you pay a construction company to build your houses without checking and looking through the materials, costs, blueprints, or building plans that the company will be using?

I won’t even bother replying to you now. You’re probably just a kid.

Definitely not. If you know play, 2k USD is enough to make a solid impact to consider your roster boosted by money.

Yeah, u shouldn’t bother with some random whale meme guilds. Go back to KR server, the game is much better there

Playing on Kr currently and it really feels like a different game. All City’s are alive, no bots, players in T1 content, daily new players

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Sure thing sport.

And the boobs are all on KR too

yeah, because in korea you need to actually to submit your ID number to play the game. where as in NA, AGS so lazy they just use steam